Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble Event Mission: Befriend Dracunyan! (From April 13th to 24th!)

It has been about three weeks since the launch of Wibble Wobble! Lots of newcomers and veterans to the franchise have been enjoying this addicting mobile game, collecting new Yo-kai and grinding through various levels. There is a second big event going on in Wibble Wobble and its big news! A special event now gives you the chance to befriend Dracunyan! (One of the Yo-kai you can meet in Yo-kai Watch 2)




To befriend Dracunyan, you will have to go through a specific event mission called Lie-in’s Challenge, in which you have to complete Stage 50 (found in Blossom Heights) using ONLY Rank E Yo-kai. If you haven’t caught up to that stage yet, don’t worry, here’s a few tips to get ahead. If you still have some Rank E Yo-kai on your team, keep training them until they reach level 20. Do not fuse or evolve them for now.

I recommend training a few healer Yo-kai with Yo-kai like Hungramps and Tongus so that you will be able to survive throughout the whole stage. Bring in some offensive Yo-kai like Pandle and Lie-in to deal great damage. Using the recommended Yo-kai will help you beat the stage in a breeze, especially when the Yo-kai I mentioned bring in tribe stat bonuses too!

If you need a video tutorial on how to beat the challenge, check out Abdallah’s video:

Get your blood pumping and get ready to befriend a rare version of Jibanyan, only lasting for a limited time!

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