Youkai Watch Medals opening extravaganza!

We have another edition of Youkai Watch medal pack review and it is titled Youkai Watch Medals vol 1 opening extravaganza!

Watch Ryhs berresford as he enthusiastically opens through the medal packs from series 1 and uses the Youkai Watch toy to play features of the medals.

The neat part of his video is when he names each of the youkai characters as he finds them inside the packs. If you are a huge fan of the show then you will have a delightful time watching the video.

Subscribe to Ryhs berresford‘s youtube channel to catch his next review of Youkai Watch toys and other collectibles.  As mentioned on this video, he will make the next videos of Youkai Pad and Youkai Dictionary, so stay tuned here as well.

If you did not catch his last video review, here it is: Youkai Watch Medal Pack Collectables

Youkai Watch Medals vol 1 opening extravaganza! Part 1

Youkai Watch Medals vol 1 opening extravaganza! Part 2

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