Youkai Watch Episode 19: Komasan: Moving on Up Part 3! Yo-Kai; Baku, Kyubi Operation Heartbreak Part 2

Komasan: Moving on up! Part 3

Komasan is doing great in his new job and is even becoming close friends with his boss, even so close that his boss asks him for advice. Heading to the dance club, his boss explains that he is worried over his daughter, Sophie and hopes she’ll come home. Eventually his daughter comes over and she even happens to be the girl who dated Komajiro! She says she needs to act cool because the thugs from before were with her. When the thugs come over they realize Komasan is the one who beat them up that one time and run away.

Sophie explains that she wants to become a dancer and she can’t give up on her dream. Komasan nods and starts doing a dance in the center of the floor. Sophie picks up those dance moves and miraculously becomes a dancing sensation.

Yokai Baku

Nate has accidentally slept in for school so he hurries off to class as soon as he can, only to find that when he gets to class the classmates and even the teacher are sleeping. Sure it is a Yo-Kai, Nate uses his watch and uncovers the Yo-Kai Baku.

Baku refuses to let anyone wake up until she has had a very filling dream. Unfortunately no one in the room has a dream great enough to fill her up… so Nate summons the greatest Yo-Kai he knows, the LegendaryShogunyan

Kyubi: Operation Heartbreak Part 2

Still on his quest for Katie’s heart, Kyubi is eagerly ready to win her over. Finding her in an amusement park, Kyubi changes into a human again and begins pulling his stunts to win her over. Using methods he learned to win a girl’s heart, he is sure he can sweep her of her feet, that is, until he realizes she’s just not the type to fall for that.


Baku Baku is a Yo-Kai that will put you to sleep at night but then eat your dreams and make you forget them in the morning. She is a Charming Yo-Kai.

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