Youkai Watch 2 Sells 3 Million in 3 Months

This Youkai Watch thing is really catching on in Japan. After selling 2 million units right out of the gate, sales have been able to keep up enough to push it over the 3 million unit marker.

Level-5′s popular series has been all the rage this year, toppling Pokemon left and right on popularity charts and even taking its rival series’ usual spot on McDonald’s annual calendar for children. Japanese audiences are even already buying tickets for the first movie, YouKai Watch the Movie: The Secret is Created, Nyana whole month before it officially debuts on December 20!

As for the Western world, Level-5 has stated that it will be “absolutely be a success” when it launches in 2015. The games play a lot like the Pokemon games as a young boy captures Japanese folklore creatures called ‘Yokai” with the use of his his special watch. The pun comes from him needing to “watch” the trees and other elements waiting for them to pop out.

Does Youkai Watch have what it takes to upset Pokemon in the states too? A lot of the creature designs are very Japanese and might not resonate with American youths like they do in Japan, but they are still cute at least. Developer Level-5 has also seen a lot of success with the Professor Layton games even if its Inazuma Eleven series remains obscured in the states. Older gamers might remember it for cult hits like Dark Cloud,Rogue Galaxy, and Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.

With all this talk of Youkai Watch in Japan though, it’s sometimes hard to remember thatLevel-5 has something big brewing within its halls.



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