Yokai Watch: What You Need to Know Before It hits America

If you are travelling around Japan you will see many merchandising about Yokai Watch. Maybe you still don’t know what we are taking about with just only the name, but we are sure you have seen the orange cat key rings, posters, food and other staff all around. THAT is Yokai Watch.

It will soon arrive to Europe and America.

We help you to be ready.

How the story begins…Youkai_watch_first_manga

Keita is an 11-year-old normal boy. He lives with his parents at Sakura New Town and goes to school with his friends –and the girl he likes, of course. One day, hunting bugs, he found an abandoned vending machine and a Yokai appeared: Whisper.

The watch


Whisper gives Keita a Yokai Watch, the ultimate and unique device to see Yokais around the world. Now, he has to identify and summon or befriend the different Yokai that make unhappy or chase the people of Sakura New Town.

Ok, but… what is a Yokai?


Oh yes, we almost forget to tell you that. Yokais are traditional Japanese ghosts and creatures that haunt people. Some of them are evil, some of them just naughty. You will discover thousands of them!

The famous orange cat


The name: Jibanyan. He is the ghost of a dead cat that died in a car accident while crossing an intersection. Now he always tries to revenge his death trying to make people being hit by a car. With extremely funny and poor results. One of the most famous and emblematic characters of the anime series.

And why all this success?

Why don’t you discover it by yourself? We don’t want to break the magic of the first encounter with this amazing world!

Nobody knows which will be the impact when it goes to Europe and America. Will it like to western kids? Will the adults pay attention to it, too? Will the Yokai Watch the next Christmas present?

At least, with this five keys, you will be able to know where to start…

…nobody can know how it will end.

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