Yokai Watch Episode 17: Komasan: Moving on Up!, Yo-Kai Cynake, Yo-Kai Rockabelly, The Great Dog Escape 6.


Komasan is out trying to find a job when he finds one in a company called Dan Dai. It makes toys and it is a super cool place for him to work. He ends up taking up a job as a janitor but somehow due to his antics of mentioning things or saything things at the right time, he keeps getting promoted. Now a Vice President of Strategic Planning, in only three days of working there, Komasan has made it quite far… Komajiro is so happy his brother cleans so well and has gotten promoted for keeping the place clean. Komasan hopes he can keep cleaning it well… because he is still under the impression he is supposed to do that.


It’s mother’s day and the men of the Adams’ house have presents for his mom. Breakfast. In fact the breakfast is so perfect looking his mom gets mad., depressed, and angry that her husband is completely showing her up. Confused Nate’s dad tries to understand what is going on but Nate is sure that it has to be a Yo-Kai causing his parents to fight. He uses his watch and finds the Yo-Kai Cynake. Cynake causing people to find fault where there is none. Nate can’t let this happen so he summons Happierre to help make things happy and peaceful. Happierre inspirit’s Nate’s dad and uses his words of joy and happiness to scare away Cynake.


Suddenly another new craze has hit Springdale. Belly Dancing. Now at school it seems to have taken over as Eddie is dancing around with his belly in front of the class. Puzzled by the strange face on his belly and attitude, Nate finds the Yo-Kai Rockabelly. Rockabelly begins inspiriting the teacher and then Katie. Nate can’t let Katie pull up her shirt and humiliate herself so in a drastic move he calls out Dismarelda. Dismarelda makes Katie immediately feel depressed and sit back down, but then she is filled with more despair.

Nate tries to console her but Rockabelly inspirits him, causing him to dance while she cries over her lost hamster.


Manjimutt has learned he will be leaving soon but when he finds out he is supposed to leave that day and nothing has happened, he sees that another man, with a dog-like face is being pulled out instead of him. Scared and confused that he hasn’t been set free, Manjimutt looks away, only to run into Charlie.

Yo-Kai Introduced

Cynake Cynake is a Yo-Kai that causes the inspirited to find fault in nearly anything. It is a slippery tribe Yo-Kai.

Rockabelly Rockabelly is a bird Yo-Kai that will sit on your head and cause you to belly dance. How humiliating! It is an Eerie Tribe Yo-Kai.

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