Yo-kai Watch 3 New Mini Games!

Lots of new characters and mini games are coming to Yo-kai Watch 3. Keep reading for all the details.

New Methods to Power Up!

A new feature and mini game mode, treasure hunting, will be conducted by the new NPC character ボックスさん (Box-san).


You’ll get a treasure map which you’ll need to use to find the exact area as shown, and then examine it. There you’ll find a treasure box!


To open these boxes you’ll need keys; once opened, a mini-game will start! If you open many of these treasure boxes you’ll get a prize!

New Music Mini Games!


There are three new musical mini games: NYAA-KB Live (performing with the members of the NyaKB group), KJ Rap (a rap battle featuring the new yokai KAPPA) & Poltergeist (dancing with yokai at a haunted mansion).

Don-chan from the massively popular game series 太鼓の達人 (Taiko Drum Master) is also making a comeback! Don-chan’s first brush with the world of yokai first happened in the DS game 太鼓の達人DSドロロン ヨーカイ大決戦 -Taiko no Tatsujin DS Dororon Great Yokai Battle- which cross canonically lead to his eventual first appearance in Yo-kai Watch 2 during the Bon Festival!


Don-chan will be the head of this musical mini-game in Yo-kai Watch 3!

With an upcoming Level-5 event on the horizon we can expect a lot more news on Yo-kai Watch 3 really soon!

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