Yokai Watch 2 QR Codes – Essential QR Codes

Yokai Watch 2 QR Codes - Essential QR Codes

A little bird yo-kai told us our readers are hungry for some Yo-kai Watch 2 Japanese version (works with US version also) QR Codes and Passwords. This article is part one of a series we will be posting so that fans can access the most sought codes all in one place (in English) for Yo-kai Watch 2. Let’s start right off with some of the most asked about unlockables.

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Kinda Sneaky Pro Tip: To catch one of these “once per day” yo-kai friends a little quicker, save your game before facing off with them and then you can easily reset if they don’t become your friend right away!

The Fruit Nyan Team!

Scan all of these into your game and then head on over to the school in Kemamoto to meet them! Hint: They LOVE Choco bars, just like Jibanyan.

Fuyunyan & Darknyan

Fuyunyan is found in the Shinobi Forest in the Kemamoto of the past after you clear the game and scan this code. Darknyan hangs out in Gerage-Land (What’s Gerege-Land? …a big topic for another article! But you’ll definitely first need to clear the main game story on Shinuchi version and have an S-Rank Yo-kai Watch).

Jet-nyan and Buchinyan

Jet-nyan likes to hang out on the school roof in Sakura New Town (Springdale), bring lots of Chocobars! And then, who is Buchinyan… er… ah… *cough* NO SPOILERS *cough*… but actually Buchinyan’s code will help you get Jibakoma who hangs out in the nurses office at your school.

Robot Yo-kai!?

Meet each of these guys at the end of the platform at various stops all along the train route.

Change Jibanyan’s Soultimate Attack

You can now change Jibanyan’s Soultimate attack! Try them all out and see if you have a new favorite.

Special Coins for New and S-Rank friends

Use these codes (from various out of print, back issues of CoroCoro and the guide books) to get special Gacha Coins (Crank-a-kai Coins) that will help you befriend some new and S-Rank Yo-kai friends.

Special Coin Passwords!

But wait… we have a few more special coins for you, this time using passwords rather than QR Codes.









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35 Comments on "Yokai Watch 2 QR Codes – Essential QR Codes"

  1. Avatar FrenchWith3DSJapan

    You can’t get BUCHINYAN as that (with the Qr code) you should have Yôkai Watch 1 if you want get him so don’t put the QR code here.

    • Lynn Hamilton Lynn Hamilton

      Yes you’re right about Buchinyan, but actually his QR code unlocks Jibakoma, so YES it very very much belongs here. But thank you for pointing it out. I’ll add Jibakoma’s picture here soon!

    • Avatar Mindy

      What do you mean by “local yokai” – I am new to the game but interested. 🙂 I have logged 100 hours and beat the initial game. It’s the post game I’m struggling with. Any help appreciated! I need Yokai Watch friends: 3626-2567-5899

    • Avatar chase

      there is no qr code for him you have to have youkai watch 1 and take a yo-kai cam and save it and I think that you go to the post office in youkai watch 2 and then I don’t know what after that

    • Avatar Omega

      Can I have locations on the station order? For the robots? I can’t find the one I need. All of them would be cool but I just need Robo-g

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  3. Avatar Chewy

    I tried scanning for Fuyunyan (or Hovernyan for the US version) and it doesn’t work for me T^T I’ve completed the main story already.

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  6. Avatar Kat

    Hey, I am having trouble defeating Dame Dedtime for some reason and I would much appreciate someone or anyone lending some powerful Yo-Kai to me. So please leave your friend code or email (for private if your friend code should not be posted here).


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