Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble – Hidden Stages Guide

If you’re having some trouble unlocking some of those hidden yo-kai stages in Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble, have a look at the list below and you’ll be well on your way to befriending all your favorites!

How to Unlock each Hidden Stage

Komasan: Clear Stage 9 with Jibanyan on your team

Quaken: During Stage 32, achieve a combo of three or more

Ray O’Light: Clear Stage 51 popping 100 (or less) wib wobs

Grumples: Clear Stage 55 three times … (also note, to get Everfore, fuse Grumples with Ageless Powder. Whapir randomly will appear in Stage 23 and Stage 33 only and if you’re lucky she will drop an Ageless Powder… use a yo-kai like Peckpocket to try and get her to drop it more readily)

Cynake: Finish Stage 62 with a Soultimate attack

Grainpa: During Stage 81 create a size 15 (or larger) wib wob

☆ Nird: During Stage 90 create six (or more) bonus balls

☆ Bananose: During Stage 100 link together 20 or more wib wobs

☆ Espy: Score above 120,000 on Stage 111

☆ Almi: During Stage 118 go into Fever Time three (or more) times

☆ Master Oden: Clear stage 123 in under 90 seconds

☆ Casanono: During Stage 130 achieve a combo of 15 (or more)

☆ Robonyan: Finish Stage 158 with the Paws of Fury soultimate attack

☆ Bruff: During Stage 169 create a size 25 (or larger) wib wob

☆ Slitheref: During Stage 174 create 10 (or more) bonus balls

☆ Timidevil: Score above 150,000 on Stage 182

☆ Siro: During Timidevil’s Hidden Stage achieve a combo of 20 or more

☆ Bruff (another one): Finish the Mc’Kraken boss battle using a soultimate attack

☆ Frostail: Clear the second Hidden Bruff’s Stage (the one listed above this) ten times

Hidden Sewers & Other Secret Areas

Sewer A: Beat Slimamander within 200 seconds

Sewer B: Beat SV Snaggerjag within 210 seconds

Sewer C: Beat Sproink within 220 seconds

Sewer D: Beat Massiface within 230 seconds

Sewer E: Beat Dr. Maddiman within 240 seconds

Sewer F: Beat Phantasmurai within 250 seconds

Excellent Observation Deck: Beat Eyeclone within 300 seconds

Hooligan Road: Beat McKraken within 350 seconds

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Lynn is a rainbow-haired graphic artist, writer, and translator currently living in Colorado (formerly from California). She's also an avid gamer and toy collector. Her Favorite Games include Yo-kai Watch 2: Shinuchi and Yo-kai Watch Busters Gettogumi!

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    • Avatar Lu

      For mystery road:
      First one: beat level 7 under 65 seconds
      Second: score 150000 or more on lvl 19
      Third one haven’t found yet

      • Avatar BMC

        On the Mystery road comment: “First one: beat level 7 under 65 seconds”.

        I beat level 7 under 65 seconds but nothing happened. To to make sure I understand, level 7 is Peckpocket in Uptown Springdale, correct? This is also in regards to Yo kai watch wibble wobble? Or are you taking about the boss battle? Please clarify. Thanks

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