Yo-kai Watch Walkthroughs, Chapter Two – Enter Jibanyan!

Yo-kai Watch has released! To help out all the newcomers to the series, we’ve decided to put together a series of walkthroughs, guiding you through the awesome experience that is Yo-kai Watch!


As Chapter Two starts, you’ll see your mother and father fighting about chores. The player character will complain about them fighting a lot recently, to which Whisper will explain that a Yo-kai is probably to blame. Use the Yo-kai lens at the middle of the room to find Dismarelda. Cadin will pop out to help, but will be instantly knocked down, claiming Dismarelda to be too strong to fight. Run out of the house, and Whisper will give you some[Plum Rice Balls. You will now have to find and befriend three more Yo-kai by walking around town and using your Yo-kai Lens to find and capture them.

During this stage, you might face a Yo-kai who calls his friends to help, meaning you’ll fight three enemies at once. Save Cadin’s Soultimate for this situation, as it can oneshot a group of three relatively easily. Noway can usually be found in the park slightly Southeast from your home, on the ground in some grass. To get Noway, you have to beat him in battle. In the Northern part of this park, you can also usually find Leadoni and Coughkoff. Dulluma can be found under a car at the convenience store. In the alley to the right of the store, Dimmy can usually be found at the trash cans.

An even will start once you have all the Yo-kai you need. Whisper will brief you quickly on the Yo-kai Tribes (Eerie, Slippery, Brace, Mysterious, Shady, Heartful, Charming, and Tough). Use your map and head to the fish market. Cross the street heading south, and inspect the cats with your lens to reveal Jibanyan. Watch the cutscene where Jibanyan fights a truck. Go to the right of the fish place. At the trash can, there may be a [[Hungramps]] – if you feed him during the battle, he’s likely to join you afterwards. You can open the chest here for a Small Exporb, and another chest to the left for 10-Cent Gum. At the end of this alley, you’ll find Roughraff, who stole Jibanyan’s picture.

Because this is a three-way battle, you’re best chance is to use Cadin’s soultimate here. Dimmy can also cause massive damage with his Soultimate, although it’s limited to a single target. Detective Holdit will stop you as you try and leave – talk to him and learn about Yo-kai criminals. Return to Jibanyan, give him the picture, and get him to be your friend. Awesome!

Before returning home, go to the Lambert Post Office South and to the West of Jibanyan to heal your Yo-kai. The strongest party against Dismarelda at this point is probably a lineup of Coughkoff, Cadin, and Jibanyan. Coughkoff will deal passive damage while defending, Cadin has an incredibly strong Soultimate, and Jibanyan has well rounded power, a side effect of being (at this point) your highest level Yo-kai. Return home to fight Dismarelda.

This is your first big battle! Unfortunately, this is also the first time you’ll have to deal with being Inspirited. If your Yo-kai is inspirited, slide it back from the field using the wheel and select Purify to clear it of being Inspirited. Use your Soultimates one after another, making sure not to let two or more Yo-kai be Inspirited at any time so you’re not overwhelmed. After this, [[Happierre]] will appear, and Dismarelda will give you her medallion.

And that’s chapter two! More complex than the first chapter, and with a big battle for the first time! Yeah! Check out the Yo-kai Watch Wiki for more walkthroughs, and make sure to check back here for Chapter Three and on!

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