Yo-Kai Watch Premieres Oct. 5th on Disney XD – Meet the Cast

We are just less than three weeks away from the U.S debut of Yo-Kai Watch on Disney XD which is scheduled to air on October 5th.  The first five episodes will air each day through October 9ths then a weekly schedule will follow.

[intense_table id=”schedule ” columns=”Date,Time,Episodes” data=”October 5th,5:00pm,Yo-kai are Real / The Spooky Intersection,October 6th,5:00pm,The One in the Water / Why Did You Say That? / Katie’s Secret,October 7th,5:00pm,The Rare One / Yo-kai Manjimutt / Here Comes Roughraff / Manjimutt: Part 2,October 8th,5:00pm,Yo-kai Medallium / Yo-kai Hungramps / Yo-kai Wazzat / Manjimutt: Part 3,October 9th,5:00pm,Manjimutt: Part 4 / Yo-kai Illoo / Let’s Exorcise!,October 12th,5:00pm,Manjimutt: Part 5 / Yo-kai Blazion / Yo-kai Negatibuzz / The Sleepover,October 19th,5:00pm,Manjimutt: Part 6 / Here’s Komasan! / Yo-kai Nosirs,October 26th,5:00pm,Manjimutt: Part 7 / Yo-kai Fidgephant / Yo-kai Hidabat” type=”striped” heading_background_color=”#e03636″ heading_font_color=”#ffffff” rtl=”0″]

The Voice Cast Includes


Johnny Yong Bosch as Nate, who is also known as Keita Amano in the Japanese version

You may also recognize him from the popular hit kids TV series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers where he played the Black Ranger and also voice acted for many popular animes, cartoons and games.


Alicyn Packard as Jibanyan and Cheeksqueek

She is also an awarding winning voice actress and is known for the voice of Alma from Spouts’ Poppy Cat. Packard is an actress, comedian, writer and musician.


J.W. Terry as Whisper


Melissa Hutchison as Katie, who is known as Fumika Kodama in the Japanese version


Pierre Holloway as the Teacher and Manjimutt


Brent Pendergrass as Eddie


More details of the voice actors will be revealed as we get close to the release of the show. The actors/producers/writers are very secretive with the information as they released only minor details of the upcoming USA release of the show. Stay tuned for more details as we update our twitter and Facebook Page.



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