Yo-Kai Watch Powersaves Notes

Yo-Kai Watch Powersaves Release!

For those of you who like to use the Datel Powersaves, Code Junkies has released their first release of Yo-Kai Watch Powersaves Codes.

To those who do not know, Powersaves is the modern day Game Shark. Not only does it offer cheat code input but it also allows users to create backup files of their game on their computer, in the case of a file corruption.

This update to Powersaves allows users to gain x99 in all items besides some specific equip items, including animals, Crank-a-Kai coins, and the illusive Jewel Nyan coins. Users are also able to change the slot one Yo-Kai into whichever Yo-Kai of their choosing*.

(*I am not sure which slot one. It was not one in the party. When I attempted it, it as far as I know changed a random Yo-Kai into what I chose it to be. The Yo-Kai’s attitude and level remain the same, however the rest of it changes into that of the selected Yo-Kai. You do NOT get the medal added to the medallium.)

It is also possible to do other typical things per a device like this. You can instantly change your watch to a Rank S (this can mess up your story progress) or make all your Yo-Kai level 99, you can also get $9999.99 dollars.

The best benefits for the Powersaves right now are for users aiming to complete the medallium on limited time, create and study various team builds by getting all Yo-Kai to competitive stats, and the like. The gameplay does not benefit from cheating as it makes completing post-game tasks boring and not very rewarding.

Hopefully more codes will be added soon to give users the missing equipment they’d want for team testing.

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