YO-KAI WATCH Partners With Scentco for Scented Merchandise!

Scentco recently announced a partnership with Level-5 to create scented merchandise for the YO-KAI WATCH franchise. Level-5 has secured a three-year deal with Scentco to create products for them. Scentco will be using this deal to expand their market to other consumers.

The line up of scented merchandise will include 2 new products, Squeezables and Learning Kits, plus Scentco fan favorites: Smencils, Smens, Sketch & Sniff Gel Crayons, Smarkers, Smencil Buddies, Sniff Its, Smillows, Smash Drives, Sketch Pads and Smickers. Scentco products are infused with award-winning gourmet scents and backed by a 2-year scent guarantee.

To see the full press, click here.


What do you think of the announcement? I am personally excited to see what scents they could be pairing with certain Yo-kai in their merchandise. A vanilla-scented Komasan pen? Fruitnyan crayons that have their appropriate fruit smell? Chocolate-scented Jibanyan pencil? Chili-pepper scented Blazion gel pen? Okay that last one is unlikely, but it certainly makes imagine many possibilities.

What kind of scented Yo-kai merchandise do you want to see?



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