Yo-kai Watch Movie Shadow Side: Revival of the Demon King

A trailer for the upcoming new Yokai Watch movie 「妖怪ウォッチシャドウサイド鬼王の復活」”Yo-kai Watch Shadow Side: Revival of the Demon King” has been released!

The movie will take place 30 years after the events of Keita Amano’s adventures with Whisper and Jibyanyan and will feature a new cast of human characters; Natsume, Touma, and Akinori. Everyday life in this new decade is interrupted on one fateful day when a yokai virus 「鬼まろ」”Onimaro” (seemingly personified by new characters; Ogu, Togu, and Mogu) comes to earth from outer space.

Who will be chosen to wear the yokai watch and save humanity?

Natsume, Touma, and Akinori

Ogu, Togu, and Mogu

We’ll see yokai in a new way, each having a “light side” and a “shadow side.”

Alongside the movie a new Treasure Medal design contest is being held in Japan.

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