Yo-kai Watch Medals & Toys are Here!

Hey North America, I know many holidays are already coming to a close, but stay excited! Yo-kai Watch medals and toys are finally here! Toys R Us, Target, and Walmart stores across North America have been slowly releasing Yo-kai Watch toys all week long, even ahead of the accelerated official release date of December 28th 2015.

Fans have been scrambling to grab toys before they sell out. In all the commotion you may be wondering what each of these toys is like?

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the products we’ve reviewed so far for a series of videos that will be releasing later on today!

Yo-kai Medals!

3-medal surprise packs are $2.99 USD each at Toys R Us

Transforming Jibanyan & Komasan

Transforming Figures $14.99 USD at Toys R Us

Oh My Swirls!

One important thing to note… we’ve noticed that a lot of fans have had trouble finding the large size Jibanyan and Komasan transforming toys, and this may be because they are being shelved in a different area from the rest of the toys! In one Toys R Us store we shopped at these large size toys were on display in the “dolls” section of the store, while the medals and small sized figures were in the “minecraft” and “pokemon” toys area of the store!

Mini Figures and Medals

Small size figure + medal sets, $4.99 USD each at Toys R Us

Monopoly Junior – Yo-kai Watch Edition

Monopoly Junior Yo-kai Watch Edition – $15.99 USD at Toys R Us

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