Yo-Kai Watch Land App for iOS and Android

The Yo-Kai Watch Land App for Android and iOS devices is an exciting new way to play with your Yo-Kai Medals and learn about Yo-Kai by using your tablet device! Visit Yo-Kai Land, a new theme park where you can play games, take pictures with your Yo-Kai, read about and view Yo-Kai you’ve befriended, and even collect prizes.yokailand

AbdallahNation026 from Youtube has posted a video explaining and going over some of the features of the application as well as explaining how all the features looks.

The application features several things that you can do with your Yo-Kai Medals and this guide will quickly go through and describe them to you.

In the arcade you can build a team of Yo-Kai and use them to take on challenges and play fun games to level them up in the application. There are dozens of games and challenges for users to complete that will give you hours of fun.

Each day there is also a chosen Yo-Kai Tribe. If you play with this certain tribe you’ll earn bonus points and prizes that will help you level up and earn trophies faster!

In the photo booth you can take pictures of yourself with Yo-Kai you have befriended. Here you can arrange them on a picture you take using the application and show off your favourites right with you!

In this area you can befriend Yo-Kai by scanning the QR code of your medal into the application. This will add that Yo-Kai into your application, encyclopedia, and photo booth! You can also use Augmented Reality to see your Yo-Kai standing on top of its medal.

Here you can view summaries, rank, type, and tribe of Yo-Kai you’ve befriended and also see pictures of all sorts of medals. You can sort it by all types to find the exact Yo-Kai you need for a situation.

The trophy room is where you can find prizes that you have been awarded for playing games. This can include equipment items, crank-a-kai coins, and more! Try to win them all!

The application is currently only compatible with Apple Devices running iOS8+ on iPhone 5+, iPad3+, and iPod Touch 5+. It is only compatible on on the following Android devices that are running Android 4.4+; Samsung S4, S5, and S6, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Motorola Moto G, and Xiaomi M4.

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  1. Avatar james

    I have a samsung note 3 and even tho you say it is supported it will not download as google play says it is not supported.
    please fix.

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