Yo-kai Watch Guide for Evolution and Fusion

This guide is going to show you how you can make new and powerful Yo-Kai using fusion techniques and evolution.

There are three different ways for a Yo-Kai to change form. It might changed form if you level it up enough or if you go to a special location in the game with two Yo-Kai that are capable to fuse. Some Yo-Kai even fuse with an item to create a new Yo-Kai.


Yo-Kai evolve when you level them up. Only 15 different kinds of Yo-Kai evolve by leveling up. This part of the guide is going to explain which Yo-Kai evolve, what they turn into, and the level requirements to make them evolve.

When a Yo-Kai evolves it becomes much more powerful. Of course, if you don’t want to let your Yo-Kai evolve, you can always cancel it out. If you change your mind you have until the next level to decide again.

Yo-Kai That Can Evolve
Here is a list of the Yo-Kai in the game with the ability to evolve.

Level: 15
Evolves to: N’more

Level: 17
Evolves to: Moskevil

Level: 18
Evolves to: Undy

Level: 20
Evolves to: Cutta-nah-nah

Level: 21
Evolves to: Cadable

Level: 22
Evolves to: Hungorge

Level: 24
Evolves to: Blandon

Level: 25
Evolves to: Drizzle

Level: 25
Evolves to: Alhail

Level: 26
Evolves to: Badude

Level: 27
Evolves to: Rageon

Level: 29
Evolves to: Impass

Level: 32
Evolves to: Appak

Level: 35
Evolves to: Komane

Level: 35
Evolves to: Komiger


Yo-Kai are also capable of fusing together to create completely new Yo-Kai. All you have to do is take the fuse-able Yo-Kai to Mr. Zen in Shoten Temple and he will help you fuse your Yo-Kai.

Fuseable Yo-Kai

When two Yo-Kai fuse they merge with each other, creating a unique Yo-Kai with traits of the Yo-Kai used to few it. This can be especially good if you like two Yo-Kai and can’t make up your mind about which you like more. Fused Yo-Kai are more powerful than unfused Yo-Kai.

Other Yo-Kai can fuse into more powerful version of themselves if you combine two of them together. This is seen with Yo-Kai like Manjimutt that can fuse into Multimutt..

  • Helmsman and Armsman become Reuknight
  • Tattletell and Lafalotta become Tattlecast
  • Dulluma and Mochismo become Darumacho
  • Dazzabel and Cupistol become Rattelle
  • Castelius III and Castelius III become Castelius II
  • Castelius II and Castelius II become Castelius I
  • Jibanyan and Coughkoff become Thornyan
  • Jibanyan and Roughraff become Baddinyan
  • Manjimutt and Manjimutt become Multimutt
  • Enerfly and Enefly become Betterfly
  • Happierre and Dismarelda become Reversa
  • Hidabat and Tengloom become Abodabat

The level of the fused Yo-Kai is based on an average of both levels of the original Yo-Kai.

Item Fusion
There are also 16 rare Yo-Kai that can fuse with items.

  • Castelius I + Platinum Bar = Castelius Max
  • Chansin + Legendary Blade = Sheen
  • Chansin + Cursed Blade = Snee
  • Chansin + Holy Blade = Gleam
  • Beetler + General’s Soul = Beetall
  • Cupistol + Love Buster = Casanuva
  • Signibble + GHz Orb = Signiton
  • Frostina + Glacial Clip = Blizzaria
  • Rhinoggin + Unbeatable Soul = Rhinormous
  • Pupsicle + Snowstorm Cloak = Chilhuahua
  • Shmoopie + Love Scepter = Pinkipoo
  • Ake + Buff Weight = Payn
  • Grumples + Ageless Powder = Everfore
  • Timidevil + Shard of Evil = Beelzebold
  • Noko + Drop of Joy = Bloominoko
  • Draggie + Dragon Orb = Dragon Lord


These guys all fuse with Mr. Zen as well. Hopefully now you wont have trouble filling out that Yo-Kai Medallium!

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    • Lynn Hamilton Lynn Hamilton

      Happierre is up in the trees down in the city (where the Dad character works) but your watch rank needs to be Rank C or higher to see him. The Dragon Orb is a reward item for completing Request Quest 103. I haven’t gotten to that quest in the English version of the game yet so I’m not sure what the Quest Title will be.

    • Lynn Hamilton Lynn Hamilton

      I just found the actual quest in game, ok so quest 103 is called “A Whole New Draggie” and you get to it by completing the main game, then going into the Yokai World and dropping down from the final gate area into Hooligan Road. Right there will be a Dragon Lord who will give you the quest. 🙂

    • Get hapierre in downtown springdale (Morning) In Tree ever where
      Dragon orb in yokai world in lord gate and go to Down and you find Dragon lord and you defeat him and you get the item

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