Yo-Kai Watch Episode Twelve: Komasan in the City: Ear Warmers/Yo-Kai Cheeksqueek/The Great (Dog) Escape: Part 1


Komasan and Komajiro are outside in the city looking at all the people pass by. Komasan is curious why City People are always out talking to themselves and doesn’t grasp their full use. His brother agrees, saying that “City folk sure do stand around talking a lot…” As he pulls out his own cell phone. Komajiro frowns after looking at his phone as he finds he is having a poor signal and turns to his brother for help. Since Komasan is supposed to be the “true” city slicker, he’ll know where to find better reception, so Komajiro turns to his brother for help. Not wanting to prove his younger brother knows more, Komasan starts running with his brother to find the “bars” to get his signal back. While running Komajiro’s phone rings and he claims he is going to meet up with some friends, leaving Komasan to go home and eat dinner alone.

It’s a quiet day in school when all of the sudden, someone let’s out a fart. As per usual in situations like this, it becomes a guessing game as to whoever passed the gas. Everyone around him denies having done it. Thinking on it he glances over towards Katie, who is red with embarrassment. It must be her. She farts again and the gas hits him right in the face. Nate, believing it’s not typical of girls to fart, uses his watch to track down and find the Yo-Kai Cheeksqueek.

Cheeksqueek wanders over to Nate and Inspirits him, causing him to rip a big one just as the bell rings.As Nate tries to leave, Cheeksqueek inspirits him again. Turning this little issue into an even bigger one.

Now on the roof, still inspirited with the chronic farting, Nate calls out Jibanyan to help fight Cheeksqueek but Cheeksqueek inspirits Jibanyan as fast as he can, making Jibanyan release a very fowl gassy attack. In the clouds of gas, Whisper appears and hands both Jibanyan and Nate some Gas Masks. After clearing the gas, Nate decides to call out a Yo-Kai who is presumably unable to pass gas, Robonyan.

Robonyan also becomes inspirited right away, his futuristic design also allowing him to fart, but allowing him to alter his farts into fragrant, floral scented perfumes. Robonyan grabs a fist full of his flowery fart and launches it towards Cheeksqueek, hitting his nose and stunning him. Then he removes two sweet potatoes from his inner factory and launches them into Cheeksqueek’s mouth, with the intent that he’ll eat them and he too will feel the embarrassing effects of constantly passing gas. His plan works and Cheeksqueek befriends Nate, handing him off his medal.

Having been called out of Prison so many times by Nate, Manjimutt has found himself in the Maximum Security Prison, Alcatraz. He has grown to hate Nate and Whisper for summoning him out of jail, preventing him from finishing his sentences.  Now in the prison, he has one goal; breakout.  Using the underground tunnel system, Manjimutt intends to dig his way out, but he stumbles upon something just a little more interesting that his inner dog can’t deny. Bones. Digging around he loses track of where he is and eventually finds himself right back where he started.

Yo-Kai Appearances

Cheeksqueek is a Yo-Kai with a butt like face and breath so foul. He inspirits individuals and causes them to fart uncontrollably. He is an Eerie.

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