Yo-Kai Watch Episode Nine: Komasan in the City: Here’s Komajiro/Yo-Kai Cadin/Robonyan Activate


This episode starts with Komasan wandering around the city, lost, when he hears his younger brother, Komajiro call out to him from behind. Komajiro is eager to see his brother in the city and asks that his brother show him around. Being the “cooler” older brother, Komasan accepts and begins showing his brother around the city. They begin by heading to the escalator and Komajiro proves to Komasan he is much less fearful of the city than his older brother.

At school, Eddie is showing off his new dowsing machine application on his phone. He explains how it can be used to find things underground. Eager to try it out, the trio of boys begin searching through the school playground, trying to find treasure. Eventually the dowsing machine goes off and they begin digging, only to find nothing. Giving up, they walk away, leaving Nathan and Whisper in the hole they had dug. Whisper suggests that there could be a Yo-Kai around and that he should continue to dig. Surprised, Nathan uses his watch and stumbles upon the Yo-Kai Cadin.

Cadin tells Nathan of how as a cicada he did not live long, and when his time was up, he died and became Cadin. He also tells Nathan that if he is unburied, he’ll only have another week left to live. Unfortunately, Nathan had just dug Cadin up. Realizing he only have a week left to live, Cadin decides he’ll spend the last of his days having fun with Nathan and Whisper.

When the week is up, Cadin offers Nathan his medal and then quickly falls to the ground. Sad their friend passed, they take a closer look and realize he only fell asleep.

At night, Nathan and Whisper are watching a robot movie and talking about how cool robots are. Jibanyan enters and is curious about the movie, telling Nathan how he’d never, ever want to become a Robot. After the movie, Whisper and Nathan fall asleep, leaving Jibanyan to watch the TV.

Outside glowing and thunder happens and in a Terminator-Esque fashion a small robot  with an appearance similar to Jibanyan appears. He targets Nathan’s house and proceeds to enter. Jibanyan hears the ruckus and runs to wake his friends up. Nathan investigates the situation using his watch, but finds nothing. They notice footsteps on the ground that lead outside. They look like they’re from something big so the team runs outside and follows the footsteps.

They eventually wind up at the end of the foot prints and see the robot. Nathan asks what it is and the robot, using a series of voice modulators, explains that it is Robonyan, Jibanyan from the future. He tells them that after Jibanyan loses a friend, he decides to robotisize himself. He even installed his own chocolate bar factory.

Jibanyan is defiant of this idea and argues that he is clearly better than a robot and  Robonyan decides that they should compare their abilities in a series of tests.  Jibanyan loses terribly despite his best efforts and Robonyan tells Jibanyan that no matter what he must become him, or else he will lose the future war.

Robonyan spends the night , charging his batteries through the house’s power supply. In the morning he leaves through a time portal and hands Nathan his medal.

Yo-Kai Appearances

Komajiro is Komasan’s younger brother. He is also from the country but is much more savvy when it comes to city things. Komajirou is a lot less naive than his older brother and is much more capable of understanding things. He is a Charming group.

Cadin is a cicada Yo-Kai. He attacks using a sword. His catch phrase is, “ming-ming”, which probably is a way of interpreting the Cicada’s sounds. He is a Charming yo-kai.

Robonyan is Jibanyan from the distant future. He is a powerful robot that uses logic above all else. He is Tough type.

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