Yo-Kai Watch Episode Eight: Manjimutt Part 7/Yo-Kai Fidgephant/Yo-Kai Hidabat


Manjimutt is walking the city streets trying to figure something out to do with himself when he stumbles upon the best idea he’s ever had; Hollywood Acting. He begins to dream of himself as a hit Hollywood star, with women, fame, and money. Choosing to follow this dream he gets on an airplane, only to be apprehended by the police for getting on the plane without a ticket. As the car pulls off Komasan.

Nathan is sitting in class, struggling not to pee his pants while waiting for the school bell to ring. Finally it does and he begins his quick journey to the boy’s restroom when he notices that there is a line outside of each and every restroom. It seems he’s not the only student who has to pee, really badly. He suspects a Yo-Kai is involved and uses his Yo-Kai watch to unveil the Yo-Kai Fidgephant.

Nathan watches as Fidgephant inspirits Eddie and Bear. Seeing that the Yo-Kai is making everyone have to answer the call of nature he decides to call out Roughraff to take care of Fidgephant, but he accidentally puts the medal in upside down and hears the voice of the Nosirs tell him he is wrong.

Fixing his mistake, Roughraff comes out and is immediately inspirited too, now he having to pee super bad. Nathan then calls out Manjimutt, who appears behind a prison cell. Fidgephant inspirits him, too, and Manjimutt leaves to do the dog like thing and go outside, only again to be caught by the police who arrest him.

Nathan tries the next Yo-Kai, Illoo to take on  Fidgephant. Illoo summons an illusion of urinals on the side of the hallway… and as everyone is about to use them, Nathan realizes the error of this and tells him to stop immediately. He then chooses Wazzat to help Fidgephant forget that he has to go. Fidgephant lets out his “pressure” through his trunk and a medal falls out too.

Later Nathan goes home to find his soccer ball when he sees his bedroom door is locked. Jibanyan has locked himself in and is acting depressed. Whisper claims that he hears something, ultra sonic waves that can only other Yo-Kai can hear. He explains it has to do with Hidabat, a Yo-Kai who makes the inspirited overly depressed.

Nathan tries to reason with Jibanyan, offering him chocolate bars and his favourite NyanKB fanzine, which works, but only enough for Jibanyan to dart out of the room, grab the magazine and candy, and retreat back inside, locking the door.

Finally having enough, Nathan uses his watch to call out the Yo-Kai Blazion whom he believes will help motivate Jibanyan to get out of the room. This fails as Jibanyan’s lack of motivation causes Blazion to flip out and run away. Nathan then calls out Dismerelda and Happier to try and get Jibanyan out. Their powers cause Jibanyan to drift through the door crack, leaving the door locked.

Jibanyan is still insprited however so Nathan calls out his newest friend, Fidgephant to try and make Hidabat come out of Jibanyan. This works and both Jibanyan and Hidabat have to pee.

Once they are done, Hidabat explains he was hiding in Jibanyan as the world is scary. Nathan suggests that Hidabat hide in his closet, who joyfully returns the sentiment with a medal.

Nathan notices his door is unlocked and Whisper floats right through the door to unlock it, surprising and upsetting Nathan.

Yo-Kai Appearances

Fidgephant is a Yo-Kai who makes people have to pee really badly. He is of the Tough group.

Hidabat is a Yo-Kai who makes the inspirited feel like hiding away from the world. Hidabat is a Shady type.

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