Yo-Kai Watch Episode 20: Legendary Yo-Kai Dandoodle, Komasan Moving on Up Part 4


Nate is sorting through his medals when he realizes he needs a new one. Whisper kindly offers one and pulls it from his mouth. After Nate places in his new medals the medallium begins to glow. It seems like there is a legendary Yo-Kai being summoned but after the melody plays, nothing happens.

Outside Nate and the others hear noises coming from the street. It seems to be girls fawning over what seems to be a white poodle, except it has the face of a VERY handsome man. He claims himself to be the legendary Yo-Kai, Dandoodle.

Using the wall for a toilet, Dandoodle relieves himself and much like Manjimutt finds himself arrested, but unlike Manjimutt is able to use his good looks and charm to get out of jail.

Dandoodle explains that he can’t control his powers very easily and can turn anyone handsome. His power ends up coming out as he turns both Jibanyan and Whisper into good looking celebrities. Their good looks cause some issues and confusion, but luckily Whisper is able to beat the good looks off of Nate too.


Komasan is now great friends with the president of his company and having had helped his daughter, is on his way to becoming the best there is in the company. Unfortunately when Komasan gets a promotion to become CEO, he realizes that working hard takes away from quality time with your family, so he quits to go be back with his brother, Komajiro.


Dandoodle: Dandoodle is an Eerie Tribe Yo-Kai. He is a very handsome Yo-Kai with a gorgeous human face and the body of a toy poodle. He can use his extremely good looks and charisma to woo anyone… and he also has the power to make you handsome as well.

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