Yo-kai Watch Episode 13: Komasan in the City: Low Budget Victuals, Yo-Kai Chatalie, The Yo-Kai Dancers, The Great Dog Escape Part 2

Komasan in the City: Low Budget Victuals

Komasan is off to show Komajiro what cheap, fast, and easy city food is like. Dawning Yo-Kai Leaves on their heads the two can explore the city with the guise of humans. Komasan explains to his younger brother that store clerks have a knack for making you order too much, so if you stick to what you want you’ll be fine. Unfortunately Komasan succumbs to the lure of the food store clerk and walks away with a large table’s worth of food, while Komajiro comes away with only a soda.

Yo-Kai Chatalie
Nate is at school when Bear suddenly begins bragging oddly about all sorts of things that he claims he can do. Nate and the other classmates know Bear is not capable of these things and call him out to the track field to prove himself. When Bear is asked to show that he can accomplish what he said he can do, he feigns an injury and makes up an excuse. Nate finds this uncharacteristic of Bear and searches for a Yo-Kai. Nate finds the big mouthed Yo-Kai Chatalie, who fills those she inspirits with hot air and bragging. Chatalie is responsibile for Polticians giving things they can’t fufill and people saying things they can’t do.

Whisper suggests that Nate summon Blazion, with his can do attitude, and he sends him out. Blazion explains to Chatalie that she needs to do more and not just say more. She agrees and leaves Bear alone.

Later when Eddie is making his Student Council President Speech, Chatalie decides that this is a good time to prove her new can-do attitude and inspirits Eddie, making him talk big and promise things he can’t offer. Nate is sure that Eddie will lose the election now but to his surprise finds that Eddie still got the popular vote. Unfortunately Chatalie inspirits him again, making him claim he needs to run for bigger things like President and turn down his low position of Student Body President.

Yo-Kai Dancers
Then, during dance class, Nate is disappointed when he is paired up with an amazing dance partner while he can’t dance. Though when he is called on stage a miracle happens and he begins dancing amazingly. To his surprise he finds he has been inspirited by the Yo-Kai Dancing Trio, Rynth, Steppa, and Wiglin. The three seaweed are greatful they could make him dance and are willing to help Nate dance again.

Sadly for Nate the Seaweed decide to inspirit him at all the wrong times, even going so far as to make him look like a fool infront of Katie.

The Great Dog Escape Part II
We re-join Manjimutt as he thinks he and his new friend found their way out of Alcatraz. Sam, Manjimutt’s new friend is a Teddy Bear that was given to him during the Prison Christmas Party. Manjimutt explains that he and Sam are close and that Sam is infact a talking, alive, and amazing teddy bear. They sing songs together and share Chocolate Bars, and now they are going to escape from Prison together.

Staring through their exit, a giant path of moving gears, Manjimutt states that there is a specific time when the gears create a path and that then is when they should go. Staring at them in fear, Sam claims to go first, only to wind up crushed amongst the gears.

Manjimutt stares in horror as his friend’s head pops off in front of him, only letting him reflect that Sam is not and was not a living being and he was just a Teddy Bear. He had been making him live and talk all along. Manjimutt has been alone all along… that is until he truly meets some friends.

Yo-Kai Introduced
Chatalie is a Yo-Kai that’ll fill you with hot air. That is, the kind of hot air that makes you claim you’re great at everything. She is an Eerie Tribe Yo-Kai.

Rynth, Steppa, and Wiglin are the Yo-Kai Dancing Trio! Rarely seen apart, these Heartful tribe Yo-Kai will dance together and share their dancing with you.

Localization Notes
Tanuki Leaf is called a Yo-Kai Leaf in the English dub. In Japanese mythology the Tanuki Leaf is a magical leaf often depicted to give Tanuki a human form when worn on the head. Tanuki are known as pranksters in Japanese lore and would often mingle among humans, causing mischief.

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