Yo-Kai Watch Episode 11: Kom asan in the City:  The Turnstile/Yo-Kai Spenp/Yo-Kai Noway/Manjimutt: The Great (Dog) Escape: Catch and Release


Komasan and Komajiro are standing in the train station, looking at the miraculous turnstile doors that allow passengers in and out. Komajiro is curious what they are and while Komasan has no idea what they are he gladly tells and shows his brother just what they are. The door declines Komasan and he wonders why, when Komajiro show a card pass that allows you to go through the door. He uses it and goes through the door much to his older brother’s surprise.

Bear, Eddie, and Nate are running to the mall to pick out the sequel to the newest and hottest video game of the year, YOLO Watch 2. As they walk through the mall, the many salespeople call out to the boys, the “Mall Fish” salesperson getting to Bear. Before he knows it, Bear has purchased himself, not the new game, but a giant tuna fish for dinner. While Nate is wondering what Bear has done he sees that Eddie has vanished and purchased himself futuristic straws. Suddenly both Bear and Eddie regret their purchases and want the game they had originally came for but now they have no money to buy it.

Whisper appears and asks what is going on, but while Nate explains what is happening, he suddenly runs off himself, only to return with Toilet Paper that came with a toilet paper folding tool. He realizes what he has done and before he can even shake himself out of it he finds that Eddie is acting strangely, heading into a store. Using the Yo-Kai Watch, Nate uncovers the Yo-Kai Spenp, he makes people spend money frivolously on useless junk.

Before they know it, Bear and Eddie have spent every dime they have on stuff they didn’t need, so Nathan decides to talk to Spenp and find out what this guy’s deal is. He explains he just really loves spending money and he is from an era where all people did was spend money.

Accepting their loss the boys simply go to cash in their raffle tickets they got when they bought all their junk. Thankfully they win a copy of YOLO Watch 2 through it and Nate says goodbye to Spenp. Spenp gives him his medal.

At school Nathan hears Katie talking to her friends about a big bar-b-que she has planned for the weekend and Nathan is totally hoping that she too will invite him. When she walks up to him and asks if he wants to go,  the words, “no way” slip from his mouth. Katie is shocked but Nathan keeps explaining, “no way” and finds this behaviour to be very rude, so she walks away, assuming he is clearly not interested in going and she goes and asks Bear and Eddie who are happy to go.

Afterwards, Nate is sitting at his desk super bummed out, as he did want to go but had no idea why he declined. Bear and Eddie too were confused WHY Nate would even decline on such an event so when they go to interrogate why, they too are replied to with “No Way”s.

When he runs out of the classroom to figure out what is wrong, he stumbles upon his teacher who asks for some help and all he can mutter is, “No Way.” He quickly runs to the roof to get away from people and find the Yo-Kai that is inspiriting him. On the roof he uses his watch and uncovers the Yo-Kai Noway, the Yo-Kai who causes those he inspirits to say ‘no’ to everything in the worst and most insulting ways possible. He inspirits Whisper who refuses to help Nathan in any way he does help.

Nathan calls out his friend Tattletell to talk to Noway, because she only says “tell-tell,” but Noway inspirits her to say, “No way!” So Nathan calls out Blazion, who can’t say no to anything, as he is super motivated, and he tries really hard, but can’t not say no.

Nathan finds that reverse psychology gets Whisper to work for him and so he calls out Jibanyan to help Whisper fight off Noway. By saying the opposite of what he means, he can get Noway to become his friend and give him his medal.

Manjimutt is shown in a trailer for a movie. Has he finally become a real celebrity or is he in prison again?

Yo-Kai Appearances

Spenp is a mix between a clam, a coin purse, and a Mimic. He is a green shell with a a large tongue coming out of his mouth that has a coin on it. He has coins floating all around him. He is of the Wiggly type.

Noway is a wall with a face and arms. When he claps he produces a sound wave that causes those to be hit with it to say, “NO WAY!”. He is Tough.

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