Yo-Kai Watch Episode Ten: Komasan in the City: Urban Living/Yo-Kai Buhu/Legendary Yo-Kai Shogunyan


Komasan and his brother, Komajiro are out in the city when Komasan hears his brother call out for help, as he is stranded on one person’s head. Komasan explains and shows him how to crowd surf, only for Komajiro to pick up the skill quickly and Komasan to get lost. Later in the city, Komajiro spots a man handing out trading cards. The two decide to see who can collect the most cards by running around and taking them from unsuspecting humans. In the evening Komajiro explains he “won” and got to see a poor comedy show. Komasan is surprised how good at city living his brother is.

Nathan and Whisper are standing in line at the Donut Shop, hoping to get one of the super, special donuts the store sells. Somewhere in the background they hear something cry, “Buhuhu.” Once he gets to the front of the line, he realizes they’ve sold out and Nathan remarks “Buhuhu…”

Since he can’t seem to get a doughnut he decides to run to the hamburger shop to get a “Super-Double Mega Sundae”. He succeeds and sits down to eat it when all of the sudden he hears, “Buhuhu” again. A little kid loses his soccer ball and Nathan sends it back, losing his balance. He doesn’t fall but his sundae falls to the ground. He again comments, “Buhuhu.” and decides to try to get another treat, fried fritters. He again succeeds, only to fall into a pit as he hears again the words, “Buhuhu.”

Frustrated, Nathan figures it must be a Yo-Kai causing him to have this terrible luck and he uses his watch to find the Yo-Kai Buhu, a yo-kai who causes great disappointment and terrible luck wherever she goes.

She explains how sorry she is and begs for Nathan’s forgiveness for inspiriting him. He accepts her apology and she leaves.

The next day at school, during lunch, Bear is down to his last piece, the best piece, of Chicken Nugget. He is excited to eat it when all of the sudden it falls to the floor. Later his teacher calls out to Bear that he got a 100% on his test… only to have forgotten his name… which changed his score to 99%. Nathan is sure it’s Buhu and finds her. They go outside and she explains how she had gotten lost.

Nathan decides that maybe Robonyan would be able to help her and calls him out. Using his futuristic robot abilities, Robonyan not only adds Bear’s name to the test but re-creates his chicken nugget using his a high-tech factory inside himself. When Robonyan leaves, Buhu tells him how grateful she is for him and hands him his medal.

At home, Nathan is looking at how many medals he’s collecting when all of the sudden it begins glowing. Whisper explains that it is summoning a Legendary Yo-Kai. Yet somehow it calls out Jibanyan, who non-nonchalantly walks back into the closet to go to sleep. Suddenly a crash is heard from the closet and a new Yo-Kai steps out, which an appearance like Jibanyan, except he is blue and wearing the armour of a Shogun. He explains that he is the Yo-Kai Shogunyan and acts as if he has never met or knows of who Nathan and Whisper are.

Shogunyan begins to sit down and read fanzines, almost like Jibanyan would, until a ball comes flying through the window and Shogunyan takes out his sword and almost instinctively cuts it in half with great power. Much to their surprise, they believe Shogunyan is not the lazy red cat they knew before. Shogunyan proves even more strength as he cuts a cake into three pieces. Nathan eats two and Whisper has the last one, which angers Shogunyan and he decides to unleash his wrath. This means death. Drawing his sword, Whisper stands in front of Nathan, only to be cut into two by Shogunyan’s blade.

Whisper’s act of kindness and bravery touches Shogunyan and he gladly leaves, handing Nathan his medal and stepping back into the closet. Before he goes he asks Nathan to be a good friend to his decedent, Jibanyan. Once he leaves, Jibanyan walks out of the closet in confusion and seems to only remember becoming Shogunyan in a dream.


localization eo10
Nathan originally picks up Melon Bread, in the Japanese episode. Melon Bread is a sweet bread that looks sort of like a melon. This is changed to donuts as Melon Bread is a Japanese treat.

His third choice of a snack is a Korokke/Croquette. A Japanese fried food usually savory and filled with various different fillings.

Buhu’s Japanese name is Tohohogisu. Tohoho is like a vocalized “sigh”.

In the classroom, Bear is seen eating Karage, a Japanese fried chicken piece. This is similar to chicken nuggets, however it is its own cultural food of Japan.

Yo-Kai Appearances

Buhu goose like Yo-Kai with a sad, ghostly face on her belly. She causes bad luck and disappointment to whoever she inspirits. She is an Eerie Yo-Kai.

Shogunyan is a legendary Yo-Kai that has an appearance similar to Jibanyan, except he is blue and dressed as a Samurai. He is a Brave Yo-Kai.

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