Yo-kai Watch Busters QR Codes – Essential QR Codes

We know a lot of you are also playing Yo-kai Watch Busters out there, so here we go with some important Japanese version QR Codes and Passwords. This article is part one of a series we will be posting of Yo-kai Watch Busters QR Codes and passwords so that fans can access the most sought codes all in one place (in English). Let’s start right off with some of the most asked about unlockables.

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Note: Our team plays via the Getto-gumi update, if for some reason any of the qr codes or passwords below don’t work for you, try updating to Getto-gumi and try again!

USAPyon’s Many Outfits & Modes!

USAPyon -Jibanyan’s rival?!- is quite stylish and versatile, get him a B-suit and B-launcher, as well as a special “Vader Mode” chip (hold item) using the QR codes above. Don’t forget to also plug in these four passwords to unlock his Marine, Military, Driving, and Football suits which not only look cool, but also give USApyon new moves!

・ ぽ4PわE6Sぐ
・ ば8JまQ6Aぷ
・ ち8AくL2Uみ
・ ろ9DれH7Vぞ

Japanese Mythological Cat Team!


Scanning the codes above will unlock Urashima-nyan, Momotaro-nyan, Kijinyan, Sarunyan, and Inunyan so that you can befriend them during their special sub-missions! We didn’t forget about Kintaro-nyan, his code isn’t available yet!

King Enma!? YES! KING. ENMA.


Now you can get the chance to add King Enma to your team AND give him a special hold item that will make him even more powerful.

Get Ready to Jam… and get Buff ~♪

Below are all the currently available songs for Yo-kai Watch Busters, scan these in then go find DJ KJ on the 3rd Floor to request a song. Each song will “buff” you in a unique way. Some will help you heal during battle, some boost speed or defense… there are a lot of choices here! Having a hard time with a mission? Try a song! Pro-Tip: If a certain yo-kai is mentioned in a song, they will get an extra boost!




Get Powered Up!

To cap off Yo-kai Watch Busters QR Codes & Passwords Part 1, we’ll leave you with some special guruguru coin passwords that will help you beef up your team. These will give you useful items, and, if you’re lucky, rare items that will help you level up equipment.

・ こ3YうZ1Yる
・ なんかようかい
・ ごうせいだいせいこう
・ うぉっちをかざせば
・ えみちゃんだいすき
・ うきうきにゃっち
・ よーよーよーかい
・ ゆうじょうLVMAX
・ めだるでつながる
・ かーどでうきうき
・ みえないともだち

Look forward to a lot more fun in Part 2 coming soon!

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    Thanks ! I’m a French fan of YO-KAI WATCH and i’m so happy because NOW Yo-kai Watch is in WORLDWIDE ! Thanks You so much for your work !

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    i just want everyone to know that if any of you want Tantrioni in YWB which is in Yo-kai Watch Busters see you there P.S. my friend code is 0061-4924-8772 and if you want to trade in yokai watch 2 shinuchi and sukiyaki bye

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    Thank you for the codes, and when are you planning on releasing a Part 2? No real rush, since the game is addictively good even without the rest of the stuff, just wondering.

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