Yo-kai Watch 4 Revealed!

Yo-kai Watch fans rejoice! Level-5 has finally revealed Yo-kai Watch 4 for the Nintendo Switch that will be released for Japan later this year. However, to the loyal western fans and others alike that are still waiting for Yo-kai Watch 3, the release still seems very “up in the air” as of late due to many factors such as Level-5 becoming more focused on developing Yo-kai Watch games for the new console (Nintendo Switch) and that a fourth title of the game has already been released in Japan while the western scene is still on the second.

On the other hand, this isn’t the first time that such an instance has occurred with foreign games and localization of a game could potentially take very long. Also remember that when Yo-kai Watch first came out for Japan in 2013, it took two years after in 2015 for the release everywhere else. There are reasons to support both outcomes and we’ll most definitely get an answer before the early quarter of 2019. It can be guessed that many companies will still be supporting the 3DS games until then before making a complete transition to the “Switch Era.” Hopefully, Yo-kai Watch will be on the list for western release by then. Until then, be sure to keep checking the website for the latest Yo-kai Watch news and updates.

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