All About Yo-kai Watch 3’s My Nyan Creator!

Buckle up, friends! It’s time again to talk about the Yo-kai Watch 3 My Nyan Creator! We’ve finally been given a more in-depth look at the hotly anticipated “My Nyan” Nyan Creator that will be a feature in Yo-kai Watch 3 Sushi and Tempura, which will be releasing in a few short weeks on July 16th.

First, let’s take a look at the “My Nyan” Creator in action below:

With “My Nyan” Nyan Creator you’ll be able to select and change any part of your yo-kai that you’d like, to really make this yo-kai your very own.

My Nyan from Top to Bottom!

☆ Some body shape options include; Cat, Dog, Bunny, Robot, Monkey, Cat (with wounded ear), Koala, and Gem. You’ll also be afforded a selection of fur patterns to choose from as well.

☆ Naturally you’ll also be able to select from the many eye shapes, neck/collar accessories (such as ties, bells, ruffles, bows, towels and more), head accessories (which includes eye brows, hair styles and of course hats!).

☆ If you’ve got a cool hat, of course you may also want a cool outfit to match.

☆ No self respecting Nyan-type yokai would pass up the chance to choose their own distinctive tail shape either; Many styles of Cat tails are here along with Cottontail/Ball, Ghostly, Heart (like Shmoopie!), Foxy, Jibanyan’s signature tail style, Squirrel, Pig, Lion, Devil, and more!

☆ Once you’ve designed the perfect Nyan, you’ll be able to control all the colors that make up their fur and body as well as give your custom yo-kai their very own voice.

☆ Select a Tribe and Name for your Nyan and get ready to use them in battle!

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  1. Avatar Araceli

    Will you be able to eventually change the Custom Nyan’s Rank? Otherwise, it seems that it would eventually become non-useful in battle.

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