Yo-kai Watch 3 – Update 3.0 Details

The April issue of CoroCoro Comics as well as the official Yo-kai Watch 3 site are now showing fans a sneak peek of some of the new yokai and content coming up soon in the spring update for Yo-kai Watch 3 Sushi, Tempura, and Sukiyaki!

New Maps & Story Quests!

Our Yo-kai Watch 3 world is expanding yet again, with Nagisaki (San Fantastico) and Kemamoto (Harrisville) finally opening up along with some new quests in those areas! Once all the new story quests are completed you’ll gain some knew, unique companions like Fubuki-chan (a version of Fubiki-hime/Blizzaria with red glasses who the fans of the Yo-kai Watch Busters games will remember)!

In Busters T play mode, the Nu Continent is getting an awesome new dungeon that looks like a gorgeous, Japanese hot spring resort (Onsen), and some new boss yokai as well! Bushi-Ou and Captain Thunder will be available along with the brand new boss, あなほりモグ蔵 (Anahori Mogu-Zou / Digger Mole).

New Yo-kai Friends!

And finally, our new yokai!

Each version of Yo-kai Watch 3 will feature a new Lord Enma version, 暗黒神エンマ (Ankokushin Enma / Dark Lord Enma in Sukiyaki), 時空神エンマ (Jikuushin Enma / Space-Time Enma in Tempura), 太陽神エンマ (Taiyoushin Enma / Sun God Enma in Sushi).

Each version also has one new version exclusive yokai:

Isononami, Yamaokami, and Tsukinoyami

イソノナミ (Isononami / Beach Wave) – a Sushi version exclusive Nyororon/Slippery tribe yokai. An ocean Sumo Champ who haunts beaches. He awaits the strongest of opponents.

ヤマオカミ (Yamaokami / Mountain Peak Goddess) – a Tempura version exclusive PokaPoka/Heartful tribe yokai. The embodiment of a cherry blossom tree, she protects sacred mountains and will banish anyone who contaminates them.

ツキノヤミ (Tsukinoyami / Dark Moon) – a Sukiyaki version exclusive Usurakage/Shady tribe yokai.

Other new yokai include:

銅拍子 (Doubyoushi / Cymbals) – a Pretty/Charming tribe yokai.

おんもらき (Onmoraki) – an Usurakage/Shady tribe yokai… this one is based on a dark birdlike yokai also called 陰摩羅鬼 / Onmoraki.

ちょうちんお化け (Choushin-obake) – a Bukimi/Eerie tribe yokai… a paper lamp, one of the well know old school yokai like Karakasa-obake/Pallysol.

阿形 (Agyou) – a Gouketsu/Tough tribe yokai… like Komasan and Komajirou, he’s part of a shrine stature pairing with Ungyou.

吽形 (Ungyou) – a Gouketsu/Tough tribe yokai… like Komasan and Komajirou, he’s part of a shrine stature pairing with Agyou.

牛頭 (Gozu / Minotaur) – a Isamashi/Brave tribe yokai.

馬頭 (Mezu / Centaur) – a Isamashi/Brave tribe yokai.

Agyou, Ungyou, Onmoraki, Chouchin-obake, Doubyoushi, Gozu, and Mezu

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