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News of the upcoming YW3 third version, Yo-kai Watch 3 Sukiyaki was recently leaked from an upcoming CoroCoro Comics insert! There are sure to be even more details when the issue releases in a couple of days, but for now let’s take a look.

New Busters T Mystery Legend Yo-kai!

ニャステト (Nyastet) – Usurakage/Shady tribe, cat yo-kai based on the Egyptian god Bastet.

スラビス (Zurabis) – Bukimi/Eerie tribe, dog yo-kai based on the Egyptian god Anubis.

パンドラ (Pandora) – Pretty/Charming tribe yo-kai based on Pandora from Greek mythology.

マジンカーメン (Majinkhamun) – Fushigi/Mysterious tribe yo-kai based on the death mask of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun and the robot Mazinger Z.

リアクション大魔王 (Reaction Daimaou) – PokaPoka/Heartful tribe yo-kai based on a genie, and a pun probably related to an old cartoon character called ハクション大魔王.

ゴーキングデッド (Go-king Dead) – Goketsu/Tough tribe zombie king yo-kai, his name pun is based on the tv show the Walking Dead.

スピーチ姫 (Speech-hime) – Pretty/Charming tribe yo-kai, she looks like Netaballerina, but with an 80’s magical girl / princess vibe.

トリベア (Trivea) – Usurakage/Shady tribe yo-kai, he looks like Unchikuma… and his name seems to be a pun on the words Trivia, Tori (bird), and Bear, he’s dressed a bit like a greek or roman philosopher.

慢ハッタン (Jiman Hattan) – Nyororon/Slippery tribe yo-kai, he looks like Yamatan.

ジェントル面犬 (Gentlemenken) – Bukimi/Eerie tribe yo-kai, he looks like Ikemenken.

New & Sukiyaki Exclusive Yo-kai

ガランドゥ (Garandu) – Goketsu/Tough tribe yo-kai, he makes things feel empty inside.

ヨドム (Yodom) – Usurakage/Shady tribe yo-kai, he spews a gloomy aura from the hole in his head.

ひとりよがり (Hitoriyogari) – Fushigi/Mysterious tribe yo-kai, self-satisfied yo-kai who does yoga.

デパミ (Depami) – Pretty/Charming tribe yo-kai, a girly yo-kai that longs to see the big city.

さきのばし (Sakinobashi) – Bukimi/Eerie tribe yo-kai, he procrastinates and never does anything.

一旦ソーリー (Ittan Sorry) – Usurakage/Shady, he looks like Ittan Gomen, he says “I’m sorry” no matter what he does.

メカオロチ (Mecha-Orochi) – Goketsu/Tough tribe yo-kai, robot Orochi!

メカキュウビ (Mecha-Kyubi) – Goketsu/Tough tribe yo-kai, robot Kyubi!

モルラ (Morula) – PokaPoka/Heartful tribe yo-kai, a butterfly or moth.

サニーレタスさん (Sunny Lettuce-san) – PokaPoka/Heartful tribe yo-kai, a piece of lettuce who loves aerobics.

ゴージャッス大使 (Gorgeous Taishi) – Usurakage/Shady tribe yo-kai, the ambassador of gorgeous, he makes everything gorgeous.

しらんプリン (Shiranpudding) – Pretty/Charming tribe yo-kai, a self centered yo-kai who pretends not to notice anything.

夜行 (Yakou) – Usurakage/Shady tribe yo-kai, an S rank that goes out at night.

ウォール・ガイ (Wall Guy) – Goketsu/Tough tribe yo-kai, he moves among the elite business men of Wall Street in the US, a pun on ウォール街.

Version Linking Exclusives

ぬらり神 (Nurarishin) – by linking Sushi and Tempura

覚醒エンマ (Kakusei Enma) – by linking all 3 version; Sushi,Tempura, and Sukiyaki

先代閻魔大王 (Sendai Enma Daioh) – by linking Sushi and Sukiyaki

覚醒日ノ神 (Kakusei Hinoshin) – by linking Tempura and Sukiyaki

ウィスパー孔明 (Whisper Kongming), フユニャン曹操 (Fuyunyan Cao Cao), & 黒鬼呂布 (Kuro Oni Lu Bu) – by linking Sukiyaki and Yo-kai Sangokushi

There also appears to be a “movie linking event” which will allow you to choose a new portrait display mode in Sukiyaki version.

New Yo-kai Watch Busters T Mode

Also new is the new Yo-kai Watch Busters T (Treasure) which is similar to the Yo-kai Watch Busters battle action play style we’ve all come to know and love, with a new hidden treasure finding aspect. You’ll meet the Indiana Jones inspired T Jibanyan and T Komasan. You’ll face off against many new bosses in Yo-kai Watch 3 and some of the treasures you’ll find will allow you to rank up your lower level yo-kai.

You will be able to add Busters T mode to your Sushi and Tempura versions games via a large game update on December 15th. There will also be a special Sushi/Tempura Busters T Pack… which contains both original versions of the game and download codes to unlock T Jibanyan and T Komasan… so if you haven’t yet bought and played Yo-kai Watch 3, this special pack maybe just the thing for you!

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  2. Avatar Kamui

    夜行’s name is pronounced as YA-GIYOU. In other words, it’s Yagyō. I played the Sukiyaki, saw the spelling properly from King Enma’s dialogue.

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