Yo-Kai Watch 3 Release Date + Blasters Moon Rabbit Crew!

Yo-Kai Watch 3 release date

Nintendo put a big smile on the faces of  Yo-Kai Watch Fans earlier today by releasing Moon Rabbit Crew update for both of the YO-KAI WATCH BLASTERS games. Then hit us with a huge announcement for the localization of Yo-Kai Watch 3 which is scheduled to release in North America on February 2019. The title is also scheduled to release in Europe this winter!

Yo-Kai Watch 3

The Yo-Kai Watch 3 release date announcement was a huge shock to the community, much the same way fans were excited to learn of a new Animal Crossing mainline game releasing next year for the Nintendo Switch.

Yo-kai Watch 3 was released in Japan back in 2016 which featured new locations, characters and and all new, innovative battle system. The Japanese release for Yo-Kai Watch 3 released in three different versions: Yo-Kai Watch 3 Sushi , Yo-Kai Watch 3 Tempura and Yo-kai Watch 3 Sukiyaki. Though it appears that the localized release will be all inclusive into one version.

The announcement on Twitter by  revealed a new artwork for Yo-Kai Watch 3


Moon Rabbit Crew Update

In Yo-kai Watch Blasters news, the massive free update, Moon Rabbit Crew, contains many new missions and sub missions, yokai friends, more befriendable Big Bosses, New Big Boss Battles, New mission modes, A special VIP room with big advantages, and much more! Players will want to link their save data from YO-KAI WATCH BLASTERS: Red Cat Corps and YO-KAI WATCH BLASTERS: White Dog Squad to gain access to the VIP Room content.

Purchase the digital version of the YO-KAI WATCH BLASTERS: Red Cat Corps game and receive a code that gives you a chance to battle and befriend Maginyan. Buy Now From Amazon

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