Yo-kai Watch 2 Tips, QR Codes, & Passwords!

Yo-Kai Watch 2 QR Codes and Passwords

In preparation for the Yo-kai Watch 2 Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls launch, our friend AbdallahSmash026 has offered up some useful Tips and QR Code videos so you can make the most of release day! Check out the links below for valuable Yo-kai Watch 2 advice from the AbdallahNATION.

Get New Jibanyan Soultimate Moves!

Abdallah provides us with QR codes to unlock: Nyaight, Nyext, and Victory! And shows us how to use them in battle!

Three Special Coins, Three Special Yo-kai

Next up, Abdallah shows us where to get the special coins that will allow us to automatically befriend Buchinyan, Bowtie Noko, and Coin Purse Koma-san!

You can get a total of three of these coins, but the game will require you wait a day between obtaining each coin! This seems to be a change from the original games which used to required you to have completed certain amounts of story line before obtaining the additional coins.

Battle and Trade Yo-kai Online!

How to Trade Yo-kai Locally AND Online
How to Battle Yo-kai Locally AND Online

Unlock Mystery Way in Yo-kai Watch 2

If you have a friend with a different version of the game, or you have more than one version yourself, don’t forget to check out exactly how to unlock Mystery Way!

Get ALL the Series 1 QR-Codes & Passwords!

All 30 Series 1 Yo-Motion medal QR Codes

And finally, start browsing Abdallah’s Playlist right here to get lots of valuable passwords to unlock unique and powerful yo-kai and useful items!

Make sure to hit like and subscribe to Abdallah’s channel to show him how grateful we all for all these useful codes and passwords all in one place!

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