Yo-kai Watch 2 is Almost Here! Visit the Official Website

Yo-kai Watch 2 is almost here! Get ready to meet up with your old friends Whisper and Jibanyan and dive into the world of yo-kai once again in just two short days, on Friday, September 30th!

The Official Website!

Don’t be caught unprepared, yo-kai fans!

You can start getting ready by visiting the official Nintendo Yo-kai Watch 2 website which has expanded to contain a lot of new information.

There you can start to explore everything that’s new in Yo-kai Watch 2; investigate new villains and story lines, travel back in time to meet new yokai and characters, take notes on the brand new watch and battle techniques, check out maps of all the new areas and events, read up on how to use the new train system and much more.

Yo-kai Watch 2 Version Exclusives

You’ll also find valuable information about version and format exclusive soultimate moves and yo-kai. Who do you want on your team, Robonyan F or Sailornyan? Will you team up with Arachnus or Toadal Dude? Venoct or Kyubi?

The official site can help you make many important choices leading up to your newest adventure with Whisper and Jibanyan. Will you be Team Bony Spirits or Team Fleshy Souls?!


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