Yo-kai Watch 2: Ganso, Honke and Shin’uchi – Nintendo 3Ds

After the great success and the extremely big fan phenomenon of the first video game, the anime, all the merchandising and the manga books, it was time for a sequel to appear. Just a year after the release of Yo-kai Watch Game for Nintendo 3DS, three new versions of the videogame were released during 2014, Yo-kai Watch 2: Ganso, Honke and Shin’uchi.

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The plot remains the same as in the first version: catch and battle the different ghosts and creatures that you find thanks to your magical Yo-kai Watch. The main difference, as it happens with other videogames such as Pokemon, is that each game offers a brand new collection of new Yo-kai. Are you ready to discover all of them?


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Not only that, Yo-kai Watch 2 expands its territories not only in space, but also in time. You will find new current Yo-kai in the area of Kemamoto, and you will also be able to discover old and traditional creatures from the past. In that very moment you will know what was the predecessor of the Yo-kai Watch.

As a plus, many additional little games and challenges appear in these three sequels, such as flagpole climbing, rhythm or bike racing, among others. You can also use the amazing feature of travelling between different areas of the region with the service of Japan Rail!

We can find many improvements comparing to the first game, like the mentioned before and also a much efficient menu options that you can now select on the in-game screen. The battle system is quite similar –six Yo-kai in total, three in battle, three resting- and besides the typical attack/item/run options, you can execute special new moves. Moreover, the graphics and the soundtrack are also outstanding, making the player enjoy the game at its best, feeling a real Yo-kai catcher.

Fresh ideas based on the same amazing storyline. And a lot of new Yo-kai to discover. What else do you need?


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