Yo-kai Watch 2 Favorite Foods & Befriending Guide

Yo-kai Watch 2 Favorite Foods & Befriending Guide

Just as in the first game, in Yo-kai Watch 2 there are several ways to befriend Yo-kai. The two easiest ways to collect new yo-kai friends are: complete main storyline quests (certain yo-kai will automatically become your friend as you move through the game) and to use the Crank-a-kai near the sacred tree everyday!

At the Crank-a-kai you’ll want to use some of the various coins you find as you explore and use special promo qr codes or passwords found on other Yo-kai Watch merchandise, such as on the backs of yo-kai medals. You can reuse QR Codes you may have used in the first game too! Nice! Many coins have colors which correspond to a Yo-kai Tribe:


Befriend Yo-kai in Battle with Food

The most common way to befriend new yo-kai is to locate them out in the world and beat them in battle! Most yo-kai can only be found in specific areas, so make sure you explore everywhere. From there, there are several ways you can improve the chances that a yo-kai will become your friend.

Give a yo-kai their favorite food and they may be more likely to become your friend. Also try giving them the highest ranked type of their favorite food (usually the most expensive type of their fave food group). For example there are three types of milk drinks: Milk, Chocolate Milk, Fruit Milk, and Amazing Milk. Giving a yo-kai milk will have less “befriending” effect than if you give them an Amazing Milk, which will boost your chances a lot more! Some of the best foods are very expensive, so try to save those for the hardest to find or rarest yo-kai you meet.

Important Note! ☆ In Yo-kai Watch 2 there are several new food groups and a lot of yo-kai you met in the first game have changed their favorite food choices. If you are playing Yo-kai Watch 2, please use the new list provided below, on this page. If you are playing the first Yo-kai Watch game, however, please check out the older list here: YW1 Foods

Yo-kai Watch 2 ☆ Favorite Foods List!

Yo-kai that prefer Chocolate Bars:

Robonyan, Goldenyan, Jibanyan, Thornyan, Baddinyan, Buchinyan, Sailornyan, Dracunyan, Sapphinyan, Emenyan, Rubinyan, Topanyan, Dianyan, Melonyan, Oranyan, Kiwinyan, Grapenyan, Strawbnyan, Watermelnyan, Wondernyan, Robonyan F, Jetnyan, Jibakoma

Yo-kai that prefer Rice Balls:

Robogramps, Elder Bloom, Furgus, Furdinand, No-Go Kart, Mistank, Slicenrice, Flamurice, Pandle, Undy, Tanbo, Mochismo, Minochi, Sushiyama, Kapunki, Fidgephant, Touphant, Enduriphant, Hungramps, Hungorge, Grainpa, Dimmy, Blandon, and Nul.

Yo-kai that prefer Sweets / Desserts:

Spoilerina, Cupistol, Casanuva, Casanono, Brushido, Washogun, Devourer, Smogling, Smogmella, Leggly, Dazzabel, Rattelle, Skelebella, Jumbelina, Ray O’Light, Eyellure, Snaggly, Whinona, Mermaidyn, Mermadonna, Mermother, Lady Longnek

Yo-kai that prefer Bread:

Illoo, Elloo, Alloo, Happierre, Reversa, Reversette, Coughkoff, Hurchin, Buhu, Flumpy, Skreek, Chatalie, Nagatha, Dismerelda, Spenp, Almi, Tengloom, Nird,

Yo-kai that prefer Candy / Cheap Sweets:

Mimikin, Wazzat, Dummkap, Houzatt, Tengu, Flengu, Frostina, Blizzaria, Damona, Rollen, Dubbles, Leadoni, Mynimo, Ake, Payn, Agon, Insomni, Sandi, Daiz, Confuze, Babblong, and Bananose.

Yo-kai that prefer Milk:

Tyrat, Robokoma, Komashura, Lodo, Supoor Hero, Chippa, Blowkade, Ledballoon, Castelius I, Castelius II, Castelius III, Castelius Max, Komasan, Komane, Komajiro, Komiger, Lodo, Chippa, Cheeksqueek, Cuttincheez, Grumples, Everfore, and Eterna.

Yo-kai that prefer Soda / Tea / Drinks:

Drizzelda, Cutta-nah, Cutta-nah-nah, Slacka-slash, Cadin, Cadable, Singcada, Baku, Bakulia, Whapir, Enerfly, Enefly, Betterfly, Peppillion, Negatibuzz, Moskevil, Scritchy, Droplette, Drizzle, Slush, Alhail, and Gush.

Yo-kai that prefer Hamburgers:

Wydeawake, Allnyta, Count Zapaway, Nosirs, Irewig, Firewig, Apelican, Sgt. Burly, Lafalotta, Blips, D’wanna, N’more, Q’wit, Shmoopie, Pinkipoo, Pookivil, Peckpocket, Robbinyu, Rockabelly, Noko, Bloominoko, Pandanoko, Robonoko

Yo-kai that prefer Ramen:

Draaagin, Tattletell, Tattlecast, Skranny, Noway, Impass, Walldin, Roughraff, Badude, Bruff, Pupcicle, Chilhuahua, Swelterrier, Wiglin, Steppa, Rhyth, Kelpacabana, Wantston, Grubsnitch, Timidevil, Beelzebold, and Count Cavity.

Yo-kai that prefer Chinese Food:

Kyryn, Lie-in, Lie-in Heart, Chymera, Wotchagot, Zappary, Frazzel, Tigappa, Benkei, B3-NK1, Mirapo, Mircle, Miradox, Suspicioni, Tantroni, Contrarioni, Draggie, Dragon Lord, Azure Dragon, Dandoodle, Robodraggie

Yo-kai that prefer Vegetables:

Herbiboy, Tongus, Nurse Tongus, Faux Kappa, Helmsman, Reuknight, Corptain, Beetler, Beetall, Cruncha, Espy, Infour, Armsman, Rhinoggin, Rhinormous, Hornaplenty, Dromp, Swosh, Mama Aura, Auntie Heart, Negasus, Neighfarious, Chummer, and Shrook.

Yo-kai that prefer Meat:

Eyesoar, Carniboy, Harry Barry, Demuncher, Hissfit, Blazion, Quaken, Siro, Zerberker, Snartle, Hidabat, Abodabat, Belfree, Greesel, Awevil, Heheheel, Croonger, Urnaconda, Fishspicable, Rageon, Tunatic, Gilgaros, Slurpent, Grumpus Khan, Groupus Khan, Whateverest, Whatuption

Yo-kai that prefer Fish:

Shogunyan, Ben Tover, Master Nyada, Pride Shrimp, Chansin, Sheen, Snee, Gleam, Snotsolong, Duchoo, Copperled, Cynake, Slitheref, Venoct, Shadow Venoct, Hovernyan, Darknyan, Samureel, Time Keeler

Yo-kai that prefer Oden:

Tublappa, Mudmunch, Faysoff, Signiton, Statiking, Master Oden, Kyubi, Frostail, Boyclops, Sandmeh, Mr. Sandmeh, Pallysol, Slimamander, SV Snaggerjag, Takoyakid, Takoyaking, Danke Sand, No Sandkyu, Sumodon, Yokozudon

Yo-kai that prefer Snacks / Chips:

Toiletta, Foiletta, Brokenbrella, Pittapat, Signibble, Terrorpotta, Gnomey, High Gnomey, Don Chan, Compunzer, Lamedian, Happycane, Starrycane

Yo-kai that prefer Curry:

Poofessor, So-Sorree, Bowminos, Dulluma, Darumacho, Goruma, Swelton, Nekidspeed, Ol’ Fortune, Ol’ Saint Trick, K’mon-K’mon, Squeeky, Rawry, Manjimutt, Multimutt, Sir Berus, Sproink, Robomutt, Slumberhog, Snortlehog

Yo-kai that prefer Sushi:

Failian, Kingmera, Mad Mountain, Lava Lord, Walkappa, Appak, Supyo, Scarasol, Predictabull, Smashibull, Papa Bolt, Uncle Infinite, Yoink, Gimme, Yoodooit, Snobetty, Cricky, Robokapp, Panja Pupil, Panja Pro

Yo-kai that prefer Soba:

Arachnus, Arachnia, Verygoodsir, Toadal Dude, Uber Geeko, Unikirin, Wobblewok, Papa Windbag, Flushback, Vacuumory

But wait, there’s more…

Later on in the game you’ll have access to the new Model Zero Yo-kai Watch which has a new function that will allow you to befriend yo-kai even easier, switch modes on your new watch and be sure to try it out! You’ll also eventually unlock the ability to create Kon/spirit balls (an equippable item) out of yo-kai you have befriended, one of the new yo-kai, Smashibull, can be used to create one that will also boost your befriending power!

Fusions and Legends

Some Yo-kai can only become your friend through fusing two yo-kai together, such are Thornyan and Baddinyan, or fusing a yo-kai and special item together at the Shoten Temple, such as Draggie and the Dragon Orb.

Legend Yo-kai can only come your friend when you have befriended many specific yo-kai. You don’t need keep the yo-kai that are required for Legends as long as you have befriended them at least once and their medal is logged in the Medallium.

Final Notes

In a battle with three different yo-kai, you’ll only be able to befriend one of them, so keep that in mind! During battles, occasionally you’ll get an extra friend boost from Wisps that sometimes appear, so be sure to pin a wisp right away if you see it (you can encounter a wisp more often if you can make the battle last longer)! Make sure the yo-kai you want to befriend hasn’t been beaten yet, however.


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    When you are going to the waterfall in Harrisvile there should be a small path that cuts off from the path that goes to the waterfall go there and you may find furgus or smogling.

    • Avatar Hugh

      He is a bony spirits exclusive and after you beat the game you go back to the place where the battle happened and then you should be able to get a quest from him.He asks you to get him a donut and you get that as a drop from a certain yokai(I forgot) in the seventh circle of the infinite inferno.After you give him the donut he is a auto befriend

    • Avatar Sam

      Either get super lucky on the crank-a-kai or trade, that’s basically it and you can’t trade any of those three (manjimutt, roughraff or tattletell) until postgame/S rank watch so good luck finding someone.

      Does anyone know if like an online version of a completed medallium exists? At least with a friggen pokedex i can look up the number i’m missing. Now it’s driving me bonkers. I like this game but oh my goodness it’s so hard to research.

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