Yo-Kai Skill Guide: Yokai for EXP, Items, and Money!

There are a lot of Yo-Kai in Yo-Kai Watch, and after you beat the game (or even during your first play through), you might want to try and level up your team or befriend some Yo-Kai you missed out on. There are a few Yo-Kai who have skills that can help you make friends or find more items with ease. These Yo-Kai’s skills are not really powerful when they are in battle, but out of battle and after battle, you might find some more items or money in your pockets.

Helpful Yo-Kai

These Yo-Kai have skills that are not very good in combat, but outside of battle or when you’re trying to complete a quest or train, you may find them to be quite useful to have as an ally on your team.

Hard Worker

Draggie will help you and your team gain a little bit more experience after each battle.

Good Fortune and Stealing

If you win a battle your prize money will be doubled thanks to Noko, Gush, Whapir, and Bloominoko magically! Lodo will double that money by stealing it from your knocked out opponent.


These greedy Yo-Kai will help you get more items after winning against enemies. Wanston and Cynake


Pandanoko will increase the chances of a whisp appearing during a battle by 1.5x.


If one of these popular Yo-Kai are in your party, you’ll have an easier time befriending Yo-Kai!
Dandoodle, Shmoopie, Pinkipoo, Casanuva, and Cupistol


However if you don’t want to make new friends, having Casanono or Pookivil will make it harder to befriend new Yo-Kai.

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  2. Avatar Shawn

    Maybe you can turn pinkipoo into souls and equip to your Yokai and get more exp. All I do is battle Dame demona there is a baffle board the answer is Vacuumory.

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