Yo-Kai Skill Guide: Stat Boosting, Critical Hits, and Guarding

Guarding, Accuracy, and Dodging Skills

Oldness Zone

All Yo-Kai become unable to dodge, even ones with the abilities Wavy Body, Dodge, and Pompadour! Eterna, Everfore and, Grumples have the skill Oldness Zone.

Gassy Sphere

Cheeksqueek holds some major hazing power with his stinky gas. Cheeksqueek has the ability to lower your opponents attack accuracy by spraying them with gas. The more Cheeksqueek you have, the less accuracy your opponents Yo-Kai have.

Guard Break

This skill allows Hornaplenty, Rhinoggin, Rhinormous, and, Sushiyama to attack with normal damage to any non-Boss Yo-Kai you’re fighting, even if they are guarding.

Sense of Smell and Eye Sight A

These Yo-Kai will never miss a hit, even if the opponent has the skills Dodge and Wavy Body. Kyuubi, Frostail, and Cuttincheez can take this to their keen sense of smell while Singcada uses his great eyesight.

Jar Guard

Croonger, Urnaconda, and Heheheel can use their jar to double their own defensive effects.


Cadin and Cadable are very modest, so they don’t stand out and are targeted less.

Wavy Body

Steppa, Rhyth, and Wiglin can dodge enemy attacks over half the time thanks to their wavy bodies.


When you spin the member circle, going from the rear line to the front line, Walladin, Noway, Impass, and Robonyan will guard until your next turn.

Forget to Defend

Wazzat causes everyone (allies and enemies) to forget how to guard… unless they are a boss.


Dumkapp can predict his opponent’s movements so he is harder to hit with attacks, techniques, and Soultimate moves.


Baddinyan is so bad (to the bone), he dodges all Earthsplitter, Headsmack, and Headbutt Techniques, unless Oldness zone is in effect.

Stat Boosting Skills

Boosting stats in the midst of a battle can be a very useful way of winning against your opponent. By learning how and when Yo-Kai are able to boost their stats during battle is useful for taking advantage.

Linked Together

When Sapphinyan, Emenyan, Rubinyan, Topanyan, and Dianyan are adjacent from one another, they gain stat boosts.

Soft Skin

If Mochismo or Minochi suffer a critical hit, they will gain a defense boost for the next five turns.

Cursed Skin

Boosts all stats when the enemy hits you with an inspirit. Neighfarious, Dismarelda, Damona, and Snee

Dragon Force

Azure Dragon and Dragon Lord will gain strength and spirit boosts if their HP drops below 25%.

Brother’s Vow and Mutt’s Paradise

Elloo, Alloo, Illoo, Multimutt, Sir Berus, and Manjimutt, will boost all the stats of those next to them. Sadly this effect does not stack.

Sword Hunting and Adrenaline

Jibanyan, B3-NK1, Benkei, and Snartle gain spirit and strength whenever they KO an enemy.

Shining Spirit, Courageous Spirit, and Blazing Fighting Spirit

When an ally gets KO’d, Siro, Blazion, Komashura, and Quaken will get a strength and spirit boost for the next five turns. This activates once per turn, so if two allies are knocked out during the same turn, you get one stat boost.


This skill is used strictly by Komasan and Komane. When they are next to a Yo-Kai with the skill Omega they will gain a large spirit boost.


Much like Alpha,Komajiro and Komiger gain a strength boost when they are next to a Yo-Kai with Alpha.

Critical Hit Influencing Skills

Often times Yo-Kai will hit with a critical hit. A critical hit is when a hit is more powerful than just a normal hit. There are a lot of Yo-Kai who have skills that activate when they are hit with a critical hit or when they hit with a critical hit.

Extreme Critical

Ake, Payn, Agon, Shogunyan, Count Cavity, and Gilgaros will hit you where it hurts. When they inflict a critical hit, the move’s effect is boosted 1.5x.


Undy, Tanbo, and Pandle are all very careless. This makes them easier to take critical hits.

Gambler and Insecure

You might find it easier to score critical hits with these Yo-Kai but your opponent will find it easier to score critical hits on them too! Rollen, Chansin, and Dubbles chalk this all up to their luck. Reversette, Reversa, and Insomni are all just insecure.

Light Speed

Gleam and Sheen are two swordsman who’s skill makes sure that they land critical hits much more often than other Yo-Kai.

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