Yo-Kai Skill Guide: Healing and Loafing Skills

While they do not have too much in common, some Yo-Kai gain benefits when they loaf, and because of this having Yo-Kai that support their… lazy habits can be a very useful thing. On the other hand, you need to keep in mind that something that is using its abilities to heal the team needs to be active and shy away from loafing.

Loafing Skills

Loafing is something that Yo-Kai do. The lazier they are the more they tend to loaf around and just sit there instead of fight or use their technique. While some Yo-Kai gain benefits when they loaf (their skills are covered in the section that explains what happens when they loaf) others work hard to prevent their teammates from wasting their turns and making sure they can make enemies loaf.

Soothing Rythm
D’Wanna, Q’wit, and N’More make it easier for enemies to loaf. Unless the enemy is “Too Serious” like Beetler or is a boss.

Too Serious
Beetler is so serious he never loafs around.

Papa Bolt is very strict with his teammates and causes them to loaf only 50% of the time.

Everyone, even the enemy, will stop loafing and will become unable to loaf unless they have the skill Too Afraid.

The following Yo-Kai have the skill Intimidation; Beelzebold, Beetall, Cruncha and, Uncle Infinite.

Too Afraid
Timidevil loafs a lot and nothing can help him stop loafing. His skill, no matter how strong he gets or even if Intimidation is in play, will never be able to slow down on his loafing.

Healing Skills

Sometimes you might find it useful to have Yo-Kai who can heal themselves or heal others around them. During battles you will find your HP dwindle quickly if you are ill-prepared, so making sure to know about the different skills and how they heal is a must. Used with the right attitude and techniques, Yo-Kai can heal teammates consistently.

Prayer, Caring, and Optimism Power
This powerful healing ability will heal allies next to you by 2% each turn. It doesn’t matter if the Yo-Kai is on the front lines or the back lines. This effect is stackable. Chippa, Auntie Heart, Mama Aura, Elder Bloom, Happiere, Ol’ St. Trick, Skranny, Tattlecast, and Tattletell all get this ability.

Blessed Body
When Swosh and Grainpa are knocked out they will grant their front line allies half of their own HP back.

Hungorge and Hungramps doubles the effect of food when they are used on the allies.

Grip on You!
Both Sandi and Baku boost the HP restored from their drains by 1.5x.

Skilled Loafer and Loiterer
Nagatha, Chatlie, Babblong, and Walkappa are so good at loafing that they can heal 25% of their HP every time they loaf around. Loitering is loafing in places you shouldn’t be, and so Chummer will gain 25% of their HP when it loafs around too.

Snitch and Vampiric
When these Yo-Kai damage an opponent with their technique, they regain HP equal to half the damage they inflicted onto their opponent. Grubsnitch will snitch that HP right away from you. Scritchy, Moskevil, Abodabat, Negatibuzz, Hidabat, and Belfree will drain it from their foes.

Death Sphere
Nird halves the power of recovery type techniques and Soultimate moves for both allies and enemies.

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