What to expect from the Yokai Watch franchise by the end of 2015

We are just few months away before we officially get our hands on the Yo-Kai franchise that is believed to create a huge buzz in America as it did in Japan. It is hard to explain how “big of a thing” Yo-Kai Watch is in Japan because its literally everywhere and when companies like Nintendo, Viz Media and Disney XD teaming up to introduce this franchise to the American public, you know it will be huge.


Yo-Kai Watch Starts off with:

Yo-Kai Watch on Disney XD
October 5th


Disney XD will be premiering the Yo-Kai Watch TV series on October 5th on a daily basis for the first 5 series and will follow a weekly schedule. You can see the timing on our previous post.

Yo-Kai Watch Manga by Viz Media
November 3rd


Viz Media is publishing Noriyuki Konishi’s Yo-kai Watch manga series which is a comic for the younger audience.

Yo-Kai Watch Video Game for Nintendo 3Ds
November 6th

Few weeks ago Nintendo confirmed a solid release date for the first installment of the Yo-Kai Watch video game for their hand held game system, Nintendo 3Ds. The first installment of the game was released in Japan in 2013 and has sold over 7 million copies.

In 2016 we are expected to see what Hasbro has in store for us. Hasbro has confirmed that they will release the toy line for Yo-Kai Watch worldwide in the beginning of 2016.

If you are not sure what Yo-kai Watch is or want to know more about it, check out yokaiwatch.gamepedia.com



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