Watch the Yo-kai Sangokushi Trailer!

The new trailer for the upcoming Yo-kai Watch franchise game, Yo-kai Sangokushi, was just released! Now we can see some of the gameplay highlights in action and hear the new theme song, “Purin Purin Daisenpuu” (“Pudding Pudding Tornado”) by King Cream Soda, the musical act behind all of the Yo-kai Watch franchise’s main theme songs. The trailer covers most of the information we learned and saw before (See: More Yo-kai Sangokushi News! & Yo-kai Sangokushi Details First Announced!)

The trailer opens dramatically showing Kyuubi Xun Yu, USApyon Sima Yi, and Fuyunyan Cao Cao on a war boat facing off against Orochi Zhou Yu, Jibanyan Liu Bei, Komasan Sun Ce, and Whisper Kongming. Then we go back to the beginning of the story to see Komasan holding a book marked “Yo-kai Sangokushi” with a variety of stickers plastered all over it warning “DANGER!” but of course Komasan opens it anyway and thus our yo-kai friends are sucked into a new adventure!

Releasing April 2nd, 2016 in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS system!

(Read More: More Yo-kai Sangokushi News! & Yo-kai Sangokushi Details First Announced!)

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