Wanted Yo-kai?! Passwords, Rewards Galore!

One of the great things about Yo-kai Watch is the huge variety of gameplay and minigames. One of the most rewarding minigames is the Wanted Yo-kai passwords game. Unlocked through the course of the story by interacting with Detective Holdit, the Wanted Yo-kai passwords gleaned by catching these dastardly criminals three times in a row can unlock a variety of special rewards. When the Wanted Yo-kai passwords are collected, they can be turned in at the Lambert Post Office in Uptown Springdale,


The following passwords can be entered in any order, and reward the items in the adjacent table.

Wanted Yo-kai Passwords

Password Trophy Reward
asc Slither Trophy Large Exporb
Ank Hunger Trophy Brute Bracer
ojXr Meow Trophy Speed Bell
HhZ7 Granny Trophy Silver Doll
cTvth Horse Trophy Mega Exporb
z4jy3 Mane Trophy Blue Coin
ERGddj Hood Trophy Lunar Ring
8RMtS9a Wrinkly Trophy Reflector
YKz58zb Katana Trophy Holy Exporb
cXBmoYmv Papa Trophy Vampiric Fangs
fkcKmC9o Tengu Trophy Fiend Badge
tjG Cicada Trophy Yellow Coin
NaIx Mochi Trophy Cheery Coat
TwG Bird Trophy Tough Bell
rQYqwf Wannabe Trophy Restraint Belt
mJBJK Gambler Trophy Golden Doll
C3j5rBs Good Job Prize Big Bottle
rAzkFDUV Wild Trophy Fiend Charm
HzK Cool Hair Prize Orange Coin
hNcD Flutter Trophy Spell Bell
srsvv Shogun Trophy Turnabeads
2rBkYbb Kids’ Trophy Sun Bracelet
uSF Daze Trophy Monkey Circlet
cJxR Sack Trophy Beefy Bell
enyQKc Kimono Trophy Nail Bat
kHfynh5Y Glasses Trophy Fiend Band
WdF Buzz Trophy Holy Exporb
dqu Kappa Trophy Reversword
zDCJ Guardian Trophy Ritzy Studs
Eqyf Heart Trophy Meteor Badge
FPKZj Master Trophy Thick Specs
F3FAcW9G Snake Trophy Pink Coin
AkLdjF3 Bottle Trophy Heavenly Sash
cjUwfYN Lion Trophy Sleepillow
xDRt9n84 Cloak Trophy Venoct Gauntlet
Afx Hat Trophy Sleep ‘n’ Study
JSGpG Stilt Trophy Die of Fate
MkE Stylish Trophy Green Coin
h4QRad Stag Trophy Iron Plates
sPFE Cupid Trophy Purple Coin
Fxw4SnF Comedy Trophy Ancient Scale
LWjsEP Beetle Trophy Cicada Sword
WakHxN5X Darkness Trophy Guard Gem
xyg Toothpick Trophy Red Coin
KsBP Eel Trophy Ski Mask
HtXLA Shark Trophy Galaxy Charm
T6hQXwz Demon Trophy Crystal Ball
gkH Seaweed Trophy Sticker of Hate
KwPS Dragon Trophy Light Blue Coin
trzSf Shell Trophy Golden Doll
rFFP8m Triclops Trophy Holy Exporb
zbMk2Cph Cyclops Trophy Fiend Ring

While many of these items can be purchased at various shops throughout Springdale, obtaining them through the Wanted Yo-kai passwords not only grants you items, but EXP as well, making it well worth your time.

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