USApyon and Inaho Spotted at Hasbro Toy Fair 2017 + More!

Some substantial news has finally appeared before our very eyes! In Hasbro’s Toy Fair of 2017, USApyon can be found on the wall alongside the line of merch coming this year! In the screenshot below, you can also see Inaho featured on the TV footage of the YO-KAI WATCH anime, but no confirmation of her English name has been confirmed yet. Hopefully, this confirms that Yo-kai Sangokushi, YW3, and Busters are confirmed to come this year:

You can find brief footage of the YO-KAI WATCH booth below if you want to see more. The footage shown showcases new medal moments, toy watch accessories, figures, Wib Wob plushes, the new U Watch, alongside new footage of the YO-KAI WATCH anime! These previews are getting me hyped, how do you feel right now, let me know in the comments below.

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Jessaiah Caras is avid fan of One Piece, Undertale, MOTHER, and YO-KAI WATCH living in Pensacola, Florida. A positive video game fan pushing to see YO-KAI WATCH become a big video game franchise.

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