The moment has come: Yokai Watch arrives to America

It’s about time that Yokai Watch jumped to other continents.

And the first stop is America.

We already knew that the first video game will be released in Europe and America at the end of this year. Besides this, the anime series will be broadcasted for the delight of the American kids.

The TV channel Disney XD USA has recently announced the acquisition of the most recent phenomenon in Japan. A total of 26 episodes will be on air to test the impact of the Japanese hit in other environment.

One of the things that worry the most about the possible success outside Japan is precisely the strong Japanese culture and tradition involved in Yokai Watch world. But with a good marketing campaign behind it, we will see.

Both anime and game will be released around the same time: the perfect combination for a hit.  Nintendo 3DS and Disney XD will be the stages on which all eyes will be focused.

And what about the merchandising?

We know that every phenomenon comes with a bunch of toys and products that generate more benefits than the series or games themselves. Don’t worry, they will arrive to the western countries, of course.

Hasbro (the famous toy company) has confirmed a release of Yokai Watch Toys for 2016, the moment when a second season can be broadcasted and the perfect timing to evaluate the success of the franchise.

How is the English opening?

We are lucky to be able to watch the first English trailer and opening here:

The song is very catchy, perfectly adapted to what American kids are used to watch and listen. After watching it, we can deduce that maybe the Japanese influence is not that hard and that kids may receive this as another Pokemon-style series: friendship, goals, new creatures, futuristic gadgets and much more.

Also, it is worth mentioning that Mar Vista Entertainment has acquired the merchandising, licensing and media rights for Yokai Watch in Latin America… We will hear Keita speaking many different languages really soon.

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