Steve Jobs as Steve Jaws in the Youkai World!

Episode 27 titled, Let’s Get the New Yo-Kai Watch, features Steve Jobs as Steve Jaws in the Youkai World, the inventor of Youkai Watch. In this episode, Steve Jobs gives a presentation on his latest mobile phone while Whisper is focused on Steve Jaws to present the newest model of the Yo-kai Watch Type-O. Steve Jaws is the star of Youkai World’s IT Industry similar to how we see Steve Jobs in our world.



Watch the introduction of Steve Jobs and Steve Jaws from Episode 27

This episode also explains the features of the new Youkai Watch and the lacking of the old Youkai Watch. If you have been checking out the merchandise and the yokai medal collectables you would understand that each watch can read certain types of medals.

The watch on the left is the Type-O watch and one on the left was originally given to Keita by Whisper.

Youka Watch Model-0yokai_watch_toy1

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