Yo-kai Watch 2 – Rare Yo-kai Befriending Guide!

Getting frustrated trying to find and befriend your favorite rare yo-kai? This guide is for you!

If you need help regarding Sailornyan and Robonyan F in particular, scroll down this article to the final section labeled “Unlocking Version Exclusives” before continuing with the rest of the article.

There is a lot about befriending rare yo-kai that you’ll want to know, and so this Yo-kai Befriending guide will be updated regularly for the next few days as I continue to add to the location lists. There’s a lot here already so go ahead and soak it all in, but be sure to book mark this page! We will also tweet out a link back to this guide when there is a significant update and new information. Please enjoy.

Rare Yo-kai Befriending Checklist!

Before you head out to befriend your favorite rare yo-kai, you should prepare! Try to do as many of the items on the follow checklist as possible!

⬜︎ Have a yo-kai with the “Popularity” passive skill (Schmoopie, Pinkipoo, Casanuva … etc) on your team!

⬜︎ Make sure you don’t have any yo-kai with the Unpopularity skill (Pookivil, Casanono … etc) on your team.

⬜︎ Make sure you have your yo-kai’s favorite food on hand. Favorite foods will be mentioned in this article, but you may also find them listed here as well.

⬜︎ Make and equip the Superstar Soul (created by fusing a Pinkipoo and Cupistol soul gem together).

⬜︎ Make sure you have a yo-kai that can inspirit the enemy reliably, a yo-kai with an inspiriting Soultimate move is also good (Warunyan, Toiletta and Foiletta are good choices, for example). You will need to inspirit your target yo-kai so that you can use the Model Zero Watch “Poke” feature to increase befriending chance.

⬜︎ Donate money at the Mt. Wildwood Shrine everyday for ten days in a row… attempts to capture rare yo-kai is best on the 9th and 10th days, as these donations increase your befriending chance a little each time you donate.

⬜︎ Make sure your team is not too much more powerful than your target yo-kai… if you defeat the target yo-kai too quickly you may miss the chance to use the poke feature, and may also miss the chance for befriend-boosting wisps!

⬜︎ Make sure your Watch is up to S-Rank. You will be able to upgrade from A-Rank to S-Rank once you have completed the entire main storyline and completed the game.

Rare Yo-kai Locations & Foods

Some rare yo-kai (and rare yo-kai fusion items) can only be obtained via the Crank-a-kai and/or using special Crank-a-kai coins; Buchinyan, Noko, Singcada, Statiking, Count Cavity, Shadow Venoct, Bananose, Unikirin, Eterna, Sandi, Cruncha, Devourer, Kingmera, Apelican, So-Sorree, Frostail, Flengu, Auntie Heart, Arachnia, Uber Geeko, Mermother, Dracunyan, Panja Pupil, Panja Pro, Happycane, Starrycane, Takoyakid, Takoyaking, Danke Sand, No Sandkyu, Sumodon, Yokozudon, Grumpus Khan, Groupus Khan, Whateverest, Whatuption, Samureel, Time Keeler, Slumberhog, and Snortlehog are only obtainable in this way.

On very very rare occasion you may get lucky and encounter a rare crank-a-kai only yo-kai (such as Count Cavity, Eterna, and Statiking for example) in the Infinite Tunnel, but this method is not a reliable method and impossible to control –however- it is always worth doing the tunnel every day anyway, just incase! Be prepared! Some rare yo-kai can also be found in the Infinite Inferno.


Now that we’re ready to try and find the rest, the next thing you’ll need to know is where the rare yo-kai are, and what foods to bring along. Many rare yo-kai are out in the wild (you’ll need a little bit of luck to encounter them each time, in the general locations) or sometimes appear in specific Yo-kai Spots.

Some special, rare yo-kai (many of which you will need a download code or qr code to unlock) are in fixed locations and -while easily found- only give you “one chance per day” to face them. In this case, you can save just before the encounter and do a soft reset of the game to try again many times in a row, this same technique can also be used with Yo-kai Spot yo-kai.

You will first need to scan many of the QR Codes on this page in order to unlock some of these 1 chance-per-day yo-kai friends. Other’s are obtained by download code or via a quest.

1 Chance-Per-Day Yo-kai

Food: Chocobar
Location: Springdale Elementary, 3rd Floor, Music Room, present day
Robonyan F
Food: Chocobar
Location: Springdale Elementary, 2nd Floor, Cooking Room, present day
Food: Fish
Location: Outside your Grandpa’s Secret Base Treehouse in the past. (After completed storyline)
Food: Fish
Location: Old Factory where final battle took place in the past. (After completed storyline)
Food: Chocobar
Location: Harrisville Schoolhouse, present day
Food: Chocobar
Location: Harrisville Schoolhouse, present day
Food: Chocobar
Location: Harrisville Schoolhouse, present day
Food: Chocobar
Location: Harrisville Schoolhouse, present day
Food: Chocobar
Location: Harrisville Schoolhouse, present day
Food: Chocobar
Location: Harrisville Schoolhouse, present day
Food: Curry
Location: Bayside Station, end of platform
Food: Sushi
Location: Green Street Station, end of platform
Food: Chinese Food
Location: Ridgemont Station, end of platform
Food: Riceballs
Location: Temple Park Station, end of platform
Food: Milk
Location: Hibarly Hills Station, end of platform
Food: Hamburger
Location: Dingle Falls Station, end of platform
Food: Chocobar
Location: Springdale Elementary Roof
Don Chan
Food: Snacks
Location: Mt. Wildwood Shrine, via the Summer Festival Mirapo, the old man gives you a quest

Yo-kai Watch 2 Yo-kai Spots

Keep in mind that Yo-kai Spot yo-kai can change each time they appear and it may take several tries for a rare yo-kai to appear in it’s potential spot. You may need to sleep in your bed to advance the day a couple of times to get a yo-kai spot to respawn. Once you find the rare yo-kai you’d like to befriend at a yo-kai spot, you should be able to save and try the soft reset technique as you do with fixed location, once-per-day yokai.

Mama Aura
Food: Vegetables
Object: Child-at-play Sign
Location: Uptown Springdale (anytime)
Food: Ramen
Object: Child-at-play Sign
Location: Uptown Springdale (anytime)
Food: Ramen
Object: Skeleton
Location: Springdale Elementary 2nd Floor, (night only)
Food: Ramen
Object: Curb Mirror, Trash Can
Location: Blossom Heights, Blossom Height Secret Alleys (anytime)
Papa Bolt
Food: Sushi
Object: Child-at-play Sign
Location: Uptown Springdale (anytime)
Ol’ Saint Trick
Food: Curry
Object: Wheelchair
Location: Shopper’s Row Abandoned Hospital
Food: Ramen
Object: Small Statue
Location: Harrisville, Mt. Wildwood (anytime)
Food: Snacks
Object: Water Well
Location: Past Springdale, Old Harrisville

Special In-game Event Yo-kai

Some rare yo-kai are encounter-able when special conditions are met.

Sir Berus
Food: Curry
Location: Sometimes while walking around Springdale (modern day) a man will approach you and give you a red box. He will tell you not to open it. Usually when the box is opened a prank is played on you, but sometimes, rarely, Sir Berus will pop out and you’ll be able to battle him.
Food: Meat
Location: If you cross the streets at crosswalks without pushing the crosswalk button too many times, Snartle will appear to punish you… this is when you can try to befriend him.
Food: Vegetables
Location: While in the Infinite Tunnel, if you exit via the 13th emergency exit door that you come across you can encounter him.
Food: Bread
Location: If you donate money at the Mt. Wildwood shrine 20 days in a row, Almi will appear and battle you.
Castelius I
Food: Milk
Location: On the Shoppers Row map, at the bottom, to the left of the abandoned hospital is a house with a doorbell. Ring this doorbell and read the conversation. Then, for 10 days in a row, go to Downtown Springdale and rub the Golden Egg sculpture near the station. You’ll get a Golden ticket item, continue to rub the egg, and on the 20th day Castelius I will appear for a battle.
Master Oden
Food: Oden
Location: On clear nights (check your weather app!) around Uptown Springdale, Blossom Heights, Breezy Hills, and Shopper’s Row you’ll sometimes beable to find Master Oden and his oden cart. You must complete his series of three quests in order to befriend him. To complete his quests you will ultimately need 3 Steppa Souls, 3 Mochismo Souls, and 3 Robbinyu Souls.
Food: Chocobars
Location: Once you have progressed into the game a bit (pretty early on), eventually an event will open up. On the Shopper’s Row map, all the way on the left next to the apartment buildings you’ll find a Roughraff and a Coughkoff arguing, talk to them once to hear their argument. Next… if you want Baddinyan, talk to Roughraff the second time. You can only obtain one or the other of Thornyan or Baddinyan in this event (you can obtain the other later on via fusion).
Food: Chocobars
Location: Once you have progressed into the game a bit (pretty early on), eventually an event will open up. On the Shopper’s Row map, all the way on the left next to the apartment buildings you’ll find a Roughraff and a Coughkoff arguing, talk to them once to hear their argument. Next… if you want Thornyan, talk to Coughkoff the second time. You can only obtain one or the other of Thornyan or Baddinyan in this event (you can obtain the other later on via fusion).

Unlocking Version Exclusives

Sailornyan and Robonyan F are only unlockable if you have a download code. These download codes are only obtainable through purchasing the digital download versions of Fleshy Souls and Bony Spirits on the Nintendo eShop. Each code is a one time use and cannot be shared or re-used the way qr codes can.

Fans who purchase the digital versions of the games should receive their Sailornyan (if they bought Fleshy Souls) or Robonyan F (if they bought Bony Spirits) codes in their eshop receipts!

You can access your eshop receipt by:

  • opening the eShop
  • scrolling all the way to the left and clicking on “Settings / Other”
  • scrolling down to and clicking on “Account Activity”
  • finding YO-KAI WATCH 2 and clicking the “View Receipt” button
  • scrolling down the receipt until you find a Download or Downloadable Content code
  • the code should be 16 characters long and be a mix of letters and numbers
  • the letter O is not used in these codes, any character that looks like this “0” is a zero

Once you have located your code, open the game and head to the Lambert Post Office (which will become available after you have complete the first few storyline keyquests… just before traveling to Harrisville). Talk to clerk #1 (all the way on the left) and select the prompts to enter your Downloadable Content code (first button). It will ask you to connect to the internet, say yes and then enter the code when the keypad appears. Once that is completed talk to the same clerk again, but this time select the second button to actually receive your bell! Once you have obtained the bell, that yo-kai will be unlocked in your game. Be sure to save!

Important!When the games first went up for pre-purchase many fans did not get their Sailornyan and Robonyan F codes on their eShop receipts! Nintendo emailed customers apologizing for this mistake and requesting that customers reply back to the email in order to claim their codes. If you do not see your code on your eShop receipt please check the email account associated with your Nintendo Network ID for an email from “Nintendo Consumer Service” / “Nintendocs@noa.nintendo.com” containing “Your Download Code for YO-KAI WATCH 2” in the subject line. This email will advise you to simply reply back saying you would like your code. A couple of days later you should receive an email with your download code. This email will also say “Your Download Code for YO-KAI WATCH 2” in the subject line. If you are still having trouble finding your code, please call Nintendo Customer Service via their website.


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