New YW: Wibble Wobble Event: Befriend a Boss Event (8/31 – 9/12)

A new YO-KAI WATCH: Wibble Wobble Event has just appeared today! Today’s event gives you the chance to befriend the first three boss Yo-kai in the game: Slimamander, Snaggerjag, and Sproink. When you befriend these Yo-kai, you can upgrade their rank by obtain boss specific S Parts through the Event Points shop. New event missions that involve leveling up the boss Yo-kai have also been added. Some tips and items provided in the game is shown below:

Where you can find these Boss Yo-kai:

Slimamander: Uptown Springdale – Stage 15

SV Snaggerjag: Mt. Wildwood – Stage 35

Blossom Heights: Blossom Heights – Stage 60


  • The higher your score for the boss stage, the more likely you are able to befriend the boss Yo-kai in their respective stage.
  • Break Event Point Balls that appear during the Boss Stage to exchange them for items and Wib Wobs.
  • You can also get Event Points by defeating the boss Yo-kai stage as well.
  • In Slimamander’s stage, you can give the boss 1.5x more damage and a higher score if you use Jibanyan S, Slimamander S, and Beetall on you team.
  • In SV Snaggerjag’s stage, you can give the boss 1.5x more damage and a higher score if you use Komasan S, SV Snaggerjag, and Venoct on your team.
  • In Sproink‘s stage, you can give the boss 1.5x more damage and a higher score if you use Kyubi, Sproink S, and Blizzaria on your team.

Chance on Befriending Based on Score:




Items You Can Buy in the Exchange Point Shop:

Slimamander Wib Wob: 350 Pts (5 Available)

SV Snaggerjag Wib Wob: 475 Pts (5 Available)

Sproink Wib Wob: 675 Pts (5 Available)

Jibanyan Wib Wob: 150 Pts (5 Available)

Komasan Wib Wob: 150 Pts (5 Available)

Frostina Wib Wob: 400 Pts (5 Available)

General’s Soul: 1250 Pts (1 Available) (Used to evolve Beetler to Beetall)

Five-Star Coin: 350 Pts (1 Available)

Mystery Coin: 200 Pts (3 Available)

1-Star Coin: 100 Pts (5 Available)

Soul Secrets: 2000 Pts (1 Available)

Holy Exporb: 450 Pts (3 Available)

Mega Exporb: 250 Pts (5 Available)

Large Exporb: 125 Pts (15 Available)

Medium Exporb: 75 Pts (Unlimited)

Small Exporb: 20 Pts (Unlimited)

Spirit: 50 Pts (Unlimited)

  • The size of the Wib Wob that Snaggerjag can reel increased to three, so be wise about when to connect and resize your Wib Wob team.
  • You can’t give Boss Yo-kai their favorite food during the Boss Stage.
  • The Special 1.5 x damage only applies to this event.

In addition during the Befriend-a-Boss Event, Blizzaria, Beetal, and Boss S Parts will appear in the Crankakai. These Yo-kai and S-Parts will help you achieve an even higher score for the three boss stages. This event will last from August 31st to September 12, so befriend and upgrade them while you can. Let me know what tips and tricks you have to take advantage of the event!

Also, did you see Hovernyan and Darknyan when you read the News?:


Pretty cool, the YW2 stuff should be available soon!

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