New Yo-Kai Watch StreetPass Puzzle Swap Available

Good news for 3DS owners! Nintendo just officially released a Yo-Kai Watch puzzle for Puzzle Swap. It’s been quite a long time since Nintendo has released a new puzzle for the service, but with the promotional push for Yo-kai Watch and the upcoming release on November 6th, the Puzzle Swap landing in StreetPass certainly comes as no surprise.


To get the puzzle, simply connect your 3DS to the internet and use StreetPass, and you should receive a prompt notification.You should get a notification once your 3Ds is connected to the internet or the next time you use Streetpass. The puzzle consists of 40 pieces total, with 8 pieces being “Steetpass only”, located in the middle. You can get one piece of the puzzle when you visit Mii Plaza.

Yo-Kai Watch is set to debut in North America on November 6th; the demo is currently available for download.

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