The New Yo-kai Watch 3 Trailer is Out!

The new Yo-kai Watch 3 trailer is out, and we’re learning a lot more about the game which is releasing this summer on July 16th! As you learned before, the two versions of the game will be called Sushi and Tempura.

Gimme Those Version Exclusives!

Sushi’s physical version will come with an exclusive KK Brother’s Dream Medal, while the Sushi download version will let you meet up with SushiJiba. Tempura’s physical version ships with a Tomnyan Dream Medal, while TenKoma is only unlockable in the download version of Tempura.

Tactics Medal Board Battle System

The new medal board lets you rearrange the positions of your yo-kai to take advantage of adjacent tribe match ups, and reposition tanking yo-kai while protecting healing yo-kai, for example. At the start of battle you can proceed directly or stop to rearrange medals in a 3 x 3 grid space. You’ll also be swapping yokai in and out on the board as opposed to the old fixed rotation method.

Over 600 Yo-kai and All New Maps!

You heard that right… get ready to team up with more yo-kai than you’ve seen before. You’ll be meeting lots of new Japanese and American Yo-kai (new evolutions too!) as the game play takes place in both countries! Keita takes on the US with Jibanyan and Whisper, while Inaho and USAPyon continue their team up in Japan.

New Watch and New Tribe?!

There’ll be a new watch called the Yo-kai Watch Dream and a whole new tribe?! The new tribe is called Hagure (which, here may mean a yo-kai that has “gone rogue”).

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