May issue of CoroCoro Magazine gives us more Youkai Watch

Last month’s issue of the popular Japanese magazine CoroCoro gave us the confirmation of the upcoming game developments for Youkai Watch which was just a teaser before Level-5’s Vision 2015 – The Beginning conference took place.
This months issue of CoroCoro gives us more scoop of whats coming next for Youkai Watch. The first season of the hit popular show will be airing its season finale on April 17, 2015. Check out Yokai Watch season 2 trailer of the hit tv series.

A special thanks to @natsukigirl for sharing her scanned copies of the latest issue of CoroCoro magazine. Be sure to check out her  blog with more info on CoroCoro Magazine.

The following images are from May issue of Japanese Magazine CoroCoro.

Japanese Magazine showcases the new yokai catch watch called Yokai Watch U and it will require a new set of medals and will reveal new yokai.


Yokai Watch U will be compatible with B Medals and it will contain a slot for SD card which can mean the transfer of files between Nintendo 3Ds and the watch. The watch is scheduled to be released in August in Japan.

The following tweet is from @ZAWORLDO, you may know his voice from the Youkai Watch toy and Medal review videos.

A new set of medals that will be featured in the new game is called “Merican Medals” tumblr_nmwr7vz0651rwtfaoo9_1280 The magazine shares other information regarding the new characters in the show and new yokai that will appear on the new season and the upcoming game. Check out the gallery below for the scanned copies of May Issue of CoroCoro featuring Yokai Watch   [intense_gallery type=”galleria” rtl=”0″ layout=”square” marginpercent=”1″ include=”797,796,801,806,802,804,800,799,798″]  

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  1. Avatar Froakie

    Doubt I’ll get a response, but really need some help with the whole Medal thing. Where can I pre-order sets at? I want to pre-order the buster set but the one place that I know of that had it up sold out fast. So, if anyone sees this, can you let me know of a site?

    • Haha why did you think you wouldn’t get a response? To answer your question, you might not be able to find the buster set online far as I know. Here is a gateway link to Amazon, maybe if you search around you might find it as their translation can be misleading at times since all products are still Japanese.
      Hope other audience can help you better.

      • Avatar Froakie

        I dunno, some times people can be pretty rude when asking for help with finding stuff I guess. Like “look for it yourself idiot, you’ve got google you know” and when I tell them I tried, they get even ruder about it. I was probably asking in the wrong places though haha.

        Thanks you, though. I suppose I will have to try amazon sometime after their release.

    • Avatar >•o•

      Listen to is linked to medal chapter 5 and fumi’s charm and DVD and bluray of the ray=blue Dvd=Red

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