Level-5 on Yo-kai Watch’s State in North America and Japan!

We have some major news coming your way, Yo-kai Watch fans! In a recent Nikkei Trendy interview with Akihiro Hino (President and CEO of Level-5), he said some very interesting things regarding Yo-kai Watch’s future and other points of interest regarding North America and Japan.


First, upcoming in Japan:

  • Yo-kai Watch’s third film will feature both live action and anime elements. Level-5 originally wanted to go with a full CG film or full live-action film, but it was estimated to take two years to produce the movie. It is Level-5’s goal to release a new Yo-kai Watch film each year.
  • The third 3DS game installment of Yo-kai Watch will have double the ROM size that of Yo-kai Watch 2, which means a boat load of content in the game. Likely unlocking a bit at a time over several DLC updates.
  • Level-5 is shocked with Yo-kai Watch Puni Puni’s success in Japan. Level-5 plans to focus more on smartphone compatibility, even going so far as to say that they plan to put future Level-5 titles up for mobile. The company realizes that change is happening amongs kids and gaming, and that the smartphone industry is growing further.


And now, onto even bigger news… the future:

  • In North America, the anime has been getting favorable TV ratings. The sales for the 3DS game have reached 400,000 copies, but according to Hino, he says this is not nearly enough. Level-5 plans to push Yo-kai Watch even further to increase popularity over the coming year. While no specific details are given, Hino explains that North America will get content Japan has not recieved, whether it be before Japan, or concurrently.
  • In Japan, Hino believes that after 2016, the Yo-kai Watch franchise will take a large break. He says he will focus on more new projects, such as Level-5’s upcoming Snack World. There’s more to the interview regarding Level-5, which you can read here.



Fans, how do I feel about all this news? To be honest, I we’re all pretty excited over here. Level-5 is still working hard to push Yo-kai Watch in North America, even if expectations were not met, they’re not giving up. Whatever exclusive content North America gets that Japan does not have, I hope it will help to attract a wider audience. Could we see Yo-kai based on Hasbro franchises like My Little Pony or even Transformers in Yo-kai Watch 2? Or even see Yo-kai Watch cross-promote with the newest Pokemon games? Who knows?

And with Japan, I am glad that Yo-kai Watch 3 will be the last game for a while, fans need time to play, absorb, and enjoy these games without feeling the pressure to race on to the next game. YW3 will be seriously jam-packed with content that makes me even more hyped for YW3 than YW2. The series could really benefit by turning in a direction similar to Pokemon’s release schedules, with releasing a new main Yo-kai Watch game every 3 to 4 years.

Let us know your opinions on the news. What exclusive content can you see coming for this year in North America?


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Jessaiah Caras is avid fan of One Piece, Undertale, MOTHER, and YO-KAI WATCH living in Pensacola, Florida. A positive video game fan pushing to see YO-KAI WATCH become a big video game franchise.

4 Comments on "Level-5 on Yo-kai Watch’s State in North America and Japan!"

  1. I also think it’s a good move to stop releasing a main Yo-Kai Watch game for a couple of years. Meanwhile, we can catch up with the franchise. And 400k copies in the US only is not a bad number, I wonder what kind of exaggerate success were they waiting when the first game wasn´t the most succesful of the series in Japan.

  2. Avatar SuperMike62

    I like time to play my games, it’s a bummer that it may be years for a new Japanese YW game, but if the downloadable content lasts them that would be incredible! Believe it or not, I feel rushed with Pokemon games! And KH22, you’re right, they are different and comparing them probably makes people blow off the idea of YW!
    More Yokai Watch in America is always a good thing. But Hasbro NEEDS to get its act together and follow through on releasing series 2 medals and toys, they’re nowhere to be found with no communication from the company!
    Great news, wish there was more like it!

  3. Avatar SuperMike62

    It is kind of a bummer that they’ll take a break from YW in Japan, but if the downloadable content lasts for a while, then that would be just fine! I’m glad in this article they mentioned fans don’t want to be rushed, because believe it or not, but that’s how I feel about the Pokemon games! KH22 is right, Pokemon and YW are two different games. Considering people always compare the two, US customers probably just blow off the idea of YW because of such a thing!
    More YW in the US always sounds like a great thing, the more YW the happierre I am! 😉 BUT Hasbro has to get its act together. They need to be following through on their YW releases of Series 2 medals and toys! They cannot be found anywhere! If they are able to pull that off, then let the fun begin!
    I wish there was more news like this in the world!!

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