Level-5 Announces two new arcade game for this year!

The wildly popular Youkai Watch series is soon going to have 2 arcade versions of its Level-5 game which is currently being worked on by Bandai Namco. Same as the 3DS games, the arcade versions will be available in two different flavors. The arcade cabinets will be coming to Japan in just a couple of weeks guys!

Too many details are not available yet but you will be able to capture ghost as you previously did in the main series. In addition you can take pictures with ghosts later if you wish to. It costs 200 Yen inclusive of tax to buy a round of Youkai Watch Arcade. The location test is presently not confirmed even though Bandai Namco has a booth at the Japan Amusement Expo of 2015. We will get know more about this exciting game then folks!

Will keep y’all posted so keep on visiting our website.

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